Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wonderful Wooden Preschool Toys!

I guess my new year year's resolution is to stop buying random toys for my Cowcow (that's Enzo's sweet nickname).

I'm targeting more of these wonderful tactile wooden toys and wooden puzzle pieces.

Reminds me of my early childhood at a Montessori school in Pampanga where we would spend all day putting together maps or animal parts. Besides the educational factor, I think its better than plastic.

I think what's really good about it is the "repeat play" factor. He likes to give the puzzle pieces a go before going to sleep or when he wakes up in the morning. It's like his Starwars toys, which he plays with often. I can't say much for the rest of his toys, most of it are piled up in storage until he decides to create a mess with them.

I was able to get the wooden toys on sale for P100 at Abenson's at Waltermart. They were a bit dusty, but otherwise in good condition and I'm all for bargains.

There's also a toy store in Cash & Carry Buendia that carries wooden toys. Its at the 2nd floor, the shop is called MindWerks. They have wooden ABC blocks and fraction pieces. Its the kind of toys you would find in Daycare nowadays.

More fascinating are the multiply shops carrying these export line of wooden toys. I'm saving up for these, my son really enjoys taking them apart and putting them back together. It has lessened his time being glue to the TV. These toys have really taught him to be more patient and focused. He even gives me quick demos on how to put the puzzles together.

A list of Multiply stores selling the Best Preschool Wooden Toys:

Not Your Ordinary Store
The local seller does bazaars. She sells wooden toys and soft educational toys as well.

Alanna's Collection 
Alanna has an extensive list of preschool and nursery wood toys worth checking out. I'm very much interested in her alphabet wooden stamp sets. 

The Learning Junction
This Multiply toy store has a varied selection of arts & crafts toys and educational wooden toys for kids in the preschool and nursery levels. They have a Phonics Picture Cards, Toys for Fine Motor Development, Manipulatives and Active Play sets such as tube tunnels, parachute and Swirling Streamers. 

Montessori 123
Though based in HongKong, looking at the photos simply brings back Montessori memories. These are the exact toys we used to tinker with as kids.

SimplyInspiring's Wooden Toystore
They have a good line of educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers. I personally like their wooden ABCs and ABC Snake in a Box puzzle.

PisoTumpok's Wooden Toy Shop
My Ultimate fave has to be PisoTumpok's Wooden toy line which is very unique. If I had a baby girl, I would get these for her in a heartbeat. Well, maybe its partly the little girl in me calling for a little wooden tea set.


Jenny said...

Thanks for blogging. I'll post a link to my site :-)

Teacher Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing these! I often order toys online as well! They are very useful in the preschool classroom! :)

Love your site by the way! I'm also a blogger and I mostly blog about preschool activities and running. :)

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playmobil said...

That feeding the animals toy is so cute and i really think it would be a very educational and fun to play toy for a child.

Anonymous said...
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