Saturday, November 17, 2012

My 3 Favorite Apps for My Toddler

The invention of Apps has saved us all in a pinch, from getting the latest status update to easily sharing a picture. But no recent technology has had a more profound impact on how my kids learn than the apps on my phone. Of course now that we so heavily rely on them, nothing is worse than needing an app that will keep a kid’s attention and not having one!

I have three children, a nine, seven, and three year old.  My kids have all used my iPhone to get through some long wait times like dinners with adult friends, the car brake shop, or a doctor’s office.  Here are three that have kept my toddler busy and educated when I needed it most.

This is a story telling and reading app.  The premise is that two cartoon mice investigate a story while acting like a computer’s mouse so that they can look up works or facts they do not know.  The dialogue is written in comic book fashion but everything is also narrated between the two mice.  They spell small words which are then emphasized by the pronunciation.  “This is F-U-N fun!”  There are interactive games during the story such as finding animals in a picture.  Great for toddlers on up as the content is robust but the pictures are appealing.

Cookie Doodle
This game takes your child through the activity of making cookies, with everything from adding ingredients to stirring to rolling and baking.  The favorite part for kids comes when they get to pick out a cookie cutter, cut the shapes out, and then decorate them.  They can choose frosting, piping, sprinkles and candies to decorate the cookies.

When finished, a picture of the cookie can be saved in the cookie jar, or it can be turned into a puzzle or virtually eaten.  As you tap the cookie it disappears slowly as though it is being eaten, complete with crumbs!  Toddlers enjoy the process of this game and love to see their product.

Monkey Lunch Box Preschool
This app randomly selects one of 5 games for you in varying sequences, all having a fruit theme.  There is a 4 piece puzzle, a matching game, a beginning letter game, a size game and a counting game.  All are very easy and do not require the correct answer on the first try. A cute Monkey guides you to the correct answer. The matching and the puzzle tend to be the most difficult for the 18 mos to 2 year-olds, but it is exciting to see them begin to be able to do it on their own. After every 4 games they are able to pick a sticker and collect them on their board before they move onto the next game.

These 3 apps should get you through the rough times and expose your child to educational concepts.  What are you go-to apps for your kids?

Kristin Emery is a co-owner of Mommy Relief, which provides in-home childcare for all ages in the DC Metro area.  She also a practicing pediatric physical therapist and mother of three.  When not working, Kristin enjoys home projects, running and spending time on the Northern Neck of Virginia.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attention Moms: Bad Days Call For Pampering

What do you do after a bad day at home or at work? Have the kids stressed you out with bad behavior to the point of exhaustion? Are you tired from doing housework? Did your boss give you a hard time at work?

Moms should try Yoga too!
You deserve to treat yourself to some relaxing indulgences in order to release some of that pressure that builds up in your life. Your escapes can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but here are a few suggestions for you to try.

Try a new hair style 
You might be surprised at how much a new style of hair can help improve your mood. You'll especially be at ease if your husband or your friends notice and give you compliments on your new appearance. A new look can go beyond the physical realm and provide a woman with a revitalizing vigor that she desperately needs.

Have someone watch the kids
You don't have to go out on a date to get some peace and quiet. Sitting by yourself in your relaxing home can be a relief in so many ways. You could watch a television show you've been meaning to see, or you could make yourself something delicious to eat just for you. Your house could be a temple of solitude for just a little while, and it will help a lot.

Buy a new, comfortable outfit
Comfortable dress is just as important to feeling good as it is to looking good. The mindset of a relaxed person helps them to unwind from a strenuous day and feel new again. Lounging clothes have a mystique about them that forces your body to take it easy. Wearing comfortable clothing is a psychological treat that all women need to experience from time to time.

Play some calming music
You know that type of music that just eases your mind like nothing else. Pleasing to the ears and the soul alike, a soothing group of songs restores your sense of well-being as quickly as anything else you could ever treat yourself to. Pick songs that help you remember less hectic times in your life. Maybe some songs from your childhood or from a great memory you made with your friends would help the most. So put on a facial mask, plug in your headphones and relax.

Use your favorite perfume
You know that special perfume that you only use on special occasions? Take the cap off and unleash those amazing smells. Powerful smells evoke incredible responses from our bodies. You'll associate those smells with fun times and an easier life. You'll think of dates, nice dinners, and charming personalities. Relaxing with good smells always helps.


Melisa Cammack is a freelance writer, mother of three (sometimes, it feels more like fifteen) young men, wife and a makeup enthusiast. She loves writing blogs on parenting, motherhood, beauty products like organic or wholesale cosmetics, traveling and many, many more subjects. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

At What Ages Are Gadgets Appropriate for Kids?

It's common for parents to reminisce about simpler times, when kids were turned loose outdoors every day to scrape their knees and play in the sun. Now, the overwhelming rush of technology from all sides has grown-ups stressed out and wondering when their children will be old enough to begin exploring the digital world. The answer is largely one of personal opinion, but many gadgets have kid-friendly features that may even promote learning and creativity.

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So long as time on web-enabled devices is monitored closely and more healthy ctivities are encouraged, a gradual introduction creates valuable familiarity in a world dominated by technical prowess.

Desktops and Laptops
Computers are tempting for children because they open so many doors. Unfortunately for parents, some of those doors must remain firmly shut for at least a few more years. Infants below the age of three gain almost nothing from computers and will have a hard time making sense of the screen. By third grade, however, children begin to receive assignments that require light research on the web and may be playing educational games in class. Targeted programs that emphasize developing skills have been shown to significantly improve learning in young children.

The larger concern, of course, is controlling what kids can find online. There are many different blocks available with varying degrees of strictness, ranging from unplugging the router to a more nuanced internet filter for older children. By not allowing unsupervised access to computers, parents can reap all the benefits of these platforms without risking the dangers.

MP3 Players
Music players have been wildly popular for well over a decade now, and are perhaps one of the most harmless gadgets for a child. So long as parents decide what goes on the playlist, there are few potential problems. Children should be old enough to avoid swallowing small parts and articulate enough to manipulate delicate controls. The biggest concern after those two is hearing damage, which can only be moderated by stressing reasonable volumes.

E-Readers and Tablets
E-readers and tablets often suffer from the same drawback computers do: internet access. Thankfully, they too have blocks available and are invaluable on long car rides or family vacations. Tablets store favorite games and creative applications, while e-readers are becoming more and more sophisticated and can now portray picture books so vividly that they seem like real ink and paper. E-readers allow kids to carry a small library with them everywhere they go and are one of the more constructive gadgets on the market for children older than five.

Video Games
Video games offer learning experiences in a fun package, though they are not as effective as once believed. Nonetheless, they are now an integral part of youth culture and at some point every child will play at least one electronic game. Not every video game is violent. In fact, there are plenty of games that focus on creative skills and helping others that are suitable for children aged four and over. By keeping an age-appropriate game library, parents can satisfy their children without worrying about early exposure to adult behavior and bloodshed.

Phones are, in some ways, a parent's best friend. They are a constant line of communication with a child, providing unprecedented access at all times. On the other hand, no one wants to see a seven-year-old with her nose pressed to the screen, driving up her family's monthly bill with never-ending texts to her friends. Starting with a basic phone that doesn't offer texting is a good practice once a child begins spending more time away from his or her parents. Privileges can be expanded as pre-teens and teenagers cultivate their social lives and develop a better sense of responsibility. Most parents feel comfortable enough to let their kids have access to a phone by age 13, but some get their first at as young as six or seven years old.

What about you? What do you think are the right ages for kids to have technology?


Sara Haslem works with Dell. When Sara isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her two kids in the outdoors, and preparing for her baby on the way. For more information on laptops, Sara recommends visiting Dell’s website

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Guidelines In Finding The Best and Affordable Dental Care For You and Your Family

We all know the value of dental care for our family’s health, but finding the right coverage that will assure an inexpensive visit can be a truly daunting task for anyone. As the insurance niche market becomes saturated with companies offering them, it can be difficult to find inexpensive dental care plan that affords you and your family the coverage that you will need without however charging you more than you are in fact willing to spend for.

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Sounds familiar? Well, in this post allow me to share with you some guidelines on how you can find affordable dental care today.

First, ask people around for advice. Inquire from your friends, work colleagues, or even your family, chances are you will be given names of the companies that offer good dental plans. You may also want to know more about the costs of the plan, the time it will take to obtain an appointment, ask if emergency visits are included, and other various questions you have.

By simply asking around, you will have a greater odds of locating the best affordable dental care that you can actually afford that will give you quality service and is good enough to give you value for your money.

Go to the World Wide Web to compare various dental plans that you will come across. Read customer reviews and testimonials of each and every dental health care plan and the discounts or promotions they offer. Look into the level of protection that each plan gives. Research the cost, the exact location, number of participating dental professionals, overall coverage annually, and the deductions, if any.

Do an ocular inspection of the dental clinic if you can, and do some research, if possible. Should you be new to the location and you do not know many people there, you may want to devote some time and research more about the dental care facility in your area. Although you can find a company that promise to give you amazing services, still, look them up on the web if you can to know more about their company and the reviews of previous customers. It is important that you come to the right firm or person; you do not want some website or shady business that’s full with negative feedback from customers. In case they do, it is for your best interest to go somewhere else more reliable.

All these are but a few and quick guidelines you can use when looking up for great yet affordable dental care no matter where you reside. Just take the time to seek for useful advice, and look for honest reviews on dental plans in your area, and for sure, you will find something that will best match your needs.


Author Bio: Riverbend Dental Health is based in Calgary Alberta, Canada. If you are looking for Dental practitioner Calgary, then Riverbend Dental Health is the best choice for you and your family. They specialize in dental implants, family dentistry, teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, and more. For further details, contact them at:

Tooth Whitening Kits vs. Professional Whitening

A lot of people are asking if it is safe to shift to homemade remedies or products for whitening teeth. Obviously, there's a silver lining to reducing dental costs by doing the whitening yourself. Should you opt for either Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or professional whitening products, take note of their advantages and disadvantages.

Photo Source
First, a dentist spent eight years of medical/biological studies and went to a dental school before becoming a public dental practitioner. These educational achievements can impress and assure patients that their dentist is professional and that they are in safe hands. Every dentist is afraid of getting disbarred from their profession. It is their utmost responsibility to carefully address the needs of their patients particularly with the medicines they recommend and the procedures they do in treating their patient. An example of which is using whitening procedures administered inside the clinic. Dentists know the exact amount and concentration of bleaching and whitening substances the patient's teeth can tolerate. There would be a high possibility of "tooth abrasion" if the whitening substance is left unattended or not thoroughly removed from the patient's teeth.

Second, whitening procedures involve risks. Patients should expect actual results and deviate from advertised results if the application of the whitening material does not follow the correct directions. It is also important to consider if your teeth are physiologically fit to undergo a whitening process regardless if it is dentist-administered or an at-home application. There are also risks involved with the toxicity levels of DIY dental whitening products. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide, one of the key ingredients of at-home dental whitening products, has been known to burn the lining of the mouth on several occasions. To date, there are thousands of dental whitening products available and are usually sold on the internet.

A lot of these products have not met the safety standards of the American Dental Association (ADA) and of the European Dental Association. Most of these products are budget wise compared to some popular brands, so they are catchy to budget-conscious shoppers. Many of these products are found in grocery stores because of the lack of regulation and evaluation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Caveat emptor, do your research before buying any at-home dental products.

We strongly support in-office dental treatments and ADA-approved dental whitening products because they cater to both the upper and middle class market segments. A lot of people cannot afford the luxury of getting frequent dental fixes, so there is an increase for low-cost, do-it-yourself dental whitening products. If you have a bustling and busy lifestyle, it is still best to get your dentist's recommendation for using dental whitening products. Get only dentist-approved whitening products. Better yet, purchase from the dental clinic because dentists have full liability over their products.


Author Bio: Lack of dental care results in major health problems, as well as destroys your self esteem. Come to Tijuana where we have Mexican dental clinic, who can give you high quality work for a fraction of the cost. You will find the best dentists, top notch dental work, and very reasonable prices at Dental Art in Tijuana. For more information, come visit us at:

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5 Encouraging Ways to Teach Your Child About Home Safety

When it comes to the safety and security of your home, a home security system can only offer so much protection and a smoke detector can only do so much to keep you and your family safe from a fire. What effective home security and safety comes down to most is the people living in the household and the decisions they make.

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Decisions are derived from the thought process that leads up to it. That thought process comes from the knowledge and training that a person has been exposed to prior. If a home’s security and safety ultimately comes down to a decision, then it’s up to parents to properly teach their children how to act safely in and around the household. Not to say that accidents don’t happen, but with the right knowledge and proper training, these accidents can be avoided.

1. Don’t Scare, Teach

The best way to teach your child is to actually TEACH them. Fear is often used as a method to teach children, but this isn’t healthy for a developing mind by any means. Scaring someone into “learning” something may not be as effective as you think. That person may only continue to perform an action due to fear, rather than knowing why they should or shouldn’t do it. For instance, if you’re going to explain the potential dangers of the outside world, it’s important not to make them scared of these dangers because this could cause a child to never take risks when he or she grows up. Teaching them properly will give them confidence in their decisions. Investing time into teaching will encourage healthier learning, enhance one’s learning capacity and promote a sense of sharing when it comes to, not only safety, but knowledge in general.

2.Show and Tell

Children love to express themselves. When a child learns something new about home security or safety, the child should show the other parent or another family member what they learned. This allows for healthy learning as knowledge is passed along and communicated throughout the family. It also helps with the processing of this information, increasing the chances that this knowledge will stick in the child’s mind over a longer period of time.

3.Teach Them When to Say “No”…and “Yes”

Parents always seem to tell their children to say “no” to strangers or never answer the door if a child doesn’t know who is at the door. Although this is great advice, it may cause negative implications later on. However, this is understandable, since it’s in parents’ instincts to be protective of their children and be worried about their safety and security. However, if a child says “no” their whole life to people, how will they start to meet others? Of course, there’s always school, but that’s a separate world in itself. Since people tend to categorize things and places, this tendency to constantly say “no” to people can stifle their growth as a person, inhibit their abilities to meet new people or experience new things. As far as home security and safety goes, yes, every child should say “no”, but just remember, encourage them to say “yes,” too.

4. Establish Boundaries
Every child should have limitations. Otherwise, you’d be dealing with an untamed animal! But realistically, if a child doesn’t have boundaries, then your life will be a mess and they won’t be as safe as they should be. Home safety and security is exactly what boundaries are. Teach them about what’s off limits in every room of the house. Remind them it’s for their own good. As they grow older, these boundaries will slowly fade until they become independents. As the boundaries shift, this shows trust between parents and their child.

5. Positive Reinforcement

If you want someone to do something right, they first have to learn. One of the quickest ways to teach someone is through positive reinforcement. Whenever they do something right, send something positive their way. Whether it’s a compliment, words of encouragement or a treat (not just a snack, but something as simple as allowing them to play a video game for 15 minutes), let them know they are doing a certain task correctly. This is basic Psychology. So, when you find your child locking the door behind them or taking an extra safety precaution, let them know. People love to know they’re doing something right, especially when there’s an incentive involved.

Home security and safety is about the proper lessons that go into teaching children. These lessons should be encouraging, have long lasting positive affects and inspire them to spread and share that knowledge to others. This won’t just help with their understanding and practice of home security and safety, but will also enhance their overall judgment, decision making and cognition down the road.


Samuel Ott is a blogger for Nightwatch Security, home security systems provider in Sedalia, MO. Nightwatch understands what matters most, family safety.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Three Easy Ways to Add Fall Décor to your Bathroom

What’s great about accent decorations is that you can take a room in your house and completely change the look and feel of it by simply adding or subtracting accents. There’s no need for a major renovation or even a new paint job. By combining these three simple things you can transition the look of your bathroom from summer to spring in no time at all.

Here’s how?

1. Change the Shower Curtain – The shower curtain is one of the biggest eye catchers in the bathroom especially if it’s a smaller guest bathroom. Rather than sticking with the same old one that’s been up for months, replace it with something more seasonal. Dark, warm colors like oranges and browns are great fall colors and will accent your bathroom beautifully. 

2. Add Festive Scented Candles – What’s great about scented candles is that they’re readily available, cheap and seasonal. Add something like a pumpkin pie, or warm vanilla spice candle to the bathroom and let it fill with the smells of the fall. The glow of the candle also adds a warm ambiance that’s perfect for the changing season.

 3. Use Fall Inspired Towels – Like the shower curtain, this is about color. Rather than using white towels that denote more of a springtime freshness or a bright red that signifies the heat of summer, tone it down with brown towels or warm maroon ones. Again, warm is the aim rather than cool so steer clear of blues, greens, and pinks.

And there you have it. It really is that simple. By adding these small decorative accents to your bathroom you can take it from summer fun to fall festival in no time. Also, by changing the décor regularly you will add a freshness to the house that the entire family will enjoy. Colors are more than just colors after all and by setting the right mood you can seamlessly move from one season into the next by doing something as simple as changing the shower curtain.

Happy Can is a leading Atlanta portapotties rental company that specializes in portable restrooms in Alpharetta


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thrifty Mom Guide: Online Shopping or In-Store Shopping?

If you are looking to buy a new sound system or a television, there are two places where you can shop - online or in-store. There are some significant differences between online shopping and in-store shopping. Below you will find a number of comparisons between the two options.


Who can buy and how soon the item(s) is needed:

Online shopping - A survey carried out by Nielsenwire stated that 59% of American consumers pick online shopping as their first option to shop for a myriad of things. About 68% of Americans feel that online shopping is the easiest and quickest way to purchase items.

To use this option successfully, you will need a PayPal account, a credit card, a checking account, a debit card, or anything similar. While it is very convenient, you will need to wait a few days for the item to arrive at your door. Depending on which online store you buy the product from, you might often be able to obtain free delivery or only pay half-price for the delivery. It all depends where the warehouse is situated and how far your location is from it.

In-Store shopping - The same Nielsenwire survey stated that in-store shopping has not fallen behind that much. 77% of Americans believe in-store shopping is the safest and 69% said this way of shopping is the most consistent.

This is perhaps the easiest place to shop for your item, be it a sound system, a video camera, or even a clothing item. The only thing that will stop you from buying from a brick and mortar is if you do not have the means to get to the store. In addition, you might just have to fight your way through the crowd to get to the good stuff. If you encounter a traffic jam and a crowd, you might waste plenty of time in getting there.

Availability of Product Selection

Online shopping – An analyst from ZK Research, Zues Kerravala said that it is no surprise that many people are happier with online shopping. Almost every retail shop has made the process a lot simpler for its consumers. He cited as the best online shopping website because it provides one-touch buying, which is a feature that enables a shopper to compare shipping rates and prices from numerous merchants or vendors from all over the world.

Without having to drive miles away from your comfort zone, every brand and model are literally at your fingertips. If you do not see anything that you like from one website, you can easily move on to the next one, and you can continue to do so until you come across the right item.

The downside is that you are unable to test the item before you purchase it, unless you can find it at the nearest store in your area. Nevertheless, you can find more than enough reviews and ratings on the Internet. Reputable online stores will normally make you aware of the availability of their products via their websites.

In-store shopping
– Most products are only limited to the ones available in the store, but the advantage is that you can test the product and compare it to the other products in the store. Bear in mind that the availability of items may depend on the size of the stores and the products might be limited in terms of models, series, and designs. If you visit a small store, it may not carry that many products.

Price of Item(s)
Online shopping – Normally, you will find online merchants feature lower price tags because they do not have to rent a store in shopping centers, pay high electricity bills or staff members. These days, promo codes are made available to all online shoppers, which allow them to save more money when they shop. With online shopping, you have the opportunity to use where you can earn cash back when you shop via this website.

In-store shopping – With plenty of online purchasing options, traditional stores are constantly slashing their prices to compete with them. In-store discounts and coupon codes may allow them to sell their items as low as the ones you find on the Internet. Additionally, you will find several retail stores that resell their returned products at even more affordable prices.

With so many options on the Internet and the convenience of online shopping, would you consider it?

Taylor Swanson has been shopping online for a few years already and has great knowledge and experience. She enjoys finding the best coupon codes the internet has to offer and sharing them with others.

Of Victorian Hairstyles and Vintage Dolls

Fancy some curly ringlets or a Victorian Hair Style? Head on to for this lovely Victorian hairstyle tutorial that even little girls can do at a slumber party or with mom before bedtime.

Ringlets twisted in small pieces of cloth and by morning, you got some of 'em nice Downtown Abbey-like curls!

This very quaint Victorian doll has a similar hairstyle. I love vintage dolls! This little lady's name is Amelia. I love her period piece frock and the sun hat reminds me of scenes from Little House on the Prarie.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Food Safety for Moms: Why Does FDA Approved Food Inks Matter?

Many people are unaware that the Food and Drug Administration also monitors inks. But it’s true. In fact, the FDA conducts many different tests on different types of ink to ensure that they’re safe for the public to consume. Think of stamps on eggs. That ink that was used on the actual egg itself has to be non-toxic and safe for public consumption, otherwise it could be dangerous.

The two issues that arise concerning FDA approved ink are safety and contaminants. Obviously you’re looking for a product that’s the safest as well as the most contaminant-free on the market otherwise consumers could be put at undue risk.

Governmental oversight by the FDA makes certain that in the event that a child licks the ink off the egg that he or she won’t get sick. They do this by utilizing a rigorous testing process that all inks are subjected to. By doing so, the FDA ensures that the inks are free of contaminants and non-toxic to the human body.

Obviously inks do not occur in nature and are the work of human hands. As such, during the manufacturing process of inks it’s easy to see how they could become contaminated and unsafe for public consumption. That’s where the FDA comes in. The cost of contaminated products is astronomical and the FDA can prevent that. Between the initial product launch, recalls because of contamination, press releases and destroying the contaminated product, the cost of contamination can skyrocket. It’s not only in the best interest of the company to keep you safe but it’s also cost-effective to have rigorous safety standards in place.

Food distributors are in business to make money. They do this by selling many of their products to consumers daily. To keep their profit margins high, people have to keep buying their products which have to be safe and contaminant-free. From the stamps on eggs, to meat and dairy products in the store, and even the printing on bread packaging, all of it has to be safe and the FDA ensures that all quality and safety standards are met.


Independent Ink specializes in industrial inkjets as well as industrial ink and provides these items to customers across the globe.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Makeup and Skincare Tips for Moms

Being a Mom, as we all know, is more than a full-time job. Part of that round the clock commitment can mean that certain things, such as our own appearance and skin care regimes suffering. In fact, in the case of the latter, it often becomes non-existent.

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What can you do to ensure that you have time to apply makeup and have a great skin care regime to boost your appearance at all times?

Making Time
The hardest part, and the biggest tip we could ever give, is to actually find or make the time to look after your skin. Whether this means taking a minute to do it while you are showering or bathing, or get yourself out of bed fifteen minutes earlier in the morning, do whatever it takes to fit in a little “me time” for yourself.

Minimalist Makeup
This sounds obvious, too, but it amazes us how many Moms we see sporting elaborate and detailed makeup, which must have taken them some time and probably a fair bit of stress while trying to look after the children at the same time.

Remember your natural beauty and if you are going to wear makeup, go for the minimalist appearance. After all, why take the time to look after your skin and get yourself out of bed a few minutes earlier to use great cleansing products, only to throw on an inch of makeup over the top of it.

For a minimalist look, choose an area to focus on, such as the eyes. Use a mascara or an eye powder, these can be quick and easy, emphasize the eyes, and improve the appearance of your whole face.

Think on Your Feet
Chances are, with the children in tow, you aren’t going to have the time to stop and reapply makeup and other cosmetic products every hour or so when you are walking around the shopping mall.

Therefore, ensure that your bag is stocked with simple, easy to apply products that you can use quickly and then get on with the day. We touched on eye products earlier, and in terms of skin care you could simply add facial wipes, a hairbrush and a hand and nail cream so that you are able to keep up with your skin care regime on the go.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do as a Mom is to avoid the stereotypical “Mom” look, tired, drawn, hair all over the place, and dry, cracked hands. Keep your makeup and skin care regime simple yet effective, and you’ll see how easy it is to avoid all of those issues.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Simple Ways of Identifying Gum Disease

Hey Moms, if you've noticed your gums bleeding whenever you brush your teeth, then this article is a must read. I know we can be too busy with the kids at times, but we shouldn't take our personal health and hygiene for granted. Don't let the early signs of dental problems slip past you. Our kids need their moms in good shape which includes having healthy gums and teeth :) - love Mommycow

Copyright Gingivitis Mayo Clinic
Identifying the signs of gum disease is easy once you understand the causes of the condition and some of the most obvious symptoms. It is really important to understand a little about this oral health condition as it is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and more than two-thirds of us will develop the condition. This startling rate of gum disease is caused by a negligence of the condition.  Fortunately, once you know the signs, it is very easy to spot and to prevent.

What Is Gum Disease?
Gum disease is an oral health condition that affects mainly the gum tissue, but can also affect the jawbone and teeth. It is a bacterial infection that is caused by the toxins released in food particles leftover from eating. The bacteria produced mix with saliva and this also causes plaque to grow on the teeth and stifle gum health. Over time, plaque can harden and become tartar, which further damages gum health, and it can only be removed by a dentist.

Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease and it does not cause any significant harm to the gum structure that may require surgical procedures. If you do not react to the signs of gum disease and the condition continues to worsen, however, you are most likely to suffer from periodontitis and advanced periodontitis.  These conditions are likely to cause long-term oral health problems and will likely need surgery to restore gum health.
It is best to spot the condition early on and seek treatment while it is a condition that is easily reversed.

Gum Disease Signs
Below is a list of the most common gum disease symptoms that are present early on during the gingivitis phase of the condition:
•    Gums bleed more than usual
•    You experience pain
•    You have chronic bad breath
•    There is a constant bad taste in your mouth
•    The teeth become loose, especially when you bite
•    The color of the gums turns redder than normal
•    The gums swell
•    The gums shrink, making your teeth appear longer

What To Do After Discovering Gum Disease Signs
If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, then you should visit your dentist and have them make a diagnosis. They can also clean off some of the plaque and tartar that are exacerbating the condition and suggest a treatment plan.

How To Avoid Gum Disease

One of the most effective things that you can do is to become committed to your gum health by following a good home dental hygiene routine. This should involve brushing twice daily, flossing and using a mouthwash.

OraMD is a natural oral health product that can help to prevent or treat gum disease. In addition, the product website offers a four-step oral hygiene program, which will maximize your oral health.


Cuckoo for Couponing: How to turn Everyday Errands into Fun Games to Keep your Kids Happy and Busy

Are you that parent at the grocery store who always has a crowd of screaming kids who like to run around the store and knock over food displays? Although sometimes kids can just throw fits for no apparent reason, most of the time they act out because they're bored and dislike running errands without entertainment.

Photo by Polycart
You could spend hundreds of dollars a month on a nanny to watch the kids while you run your daily errands or you could keep your kids entertained by turning grocery shopping into a fun and interactive game that your kids will actually want to play.

Sound too good to be true? It's not.

Introducing: Cuckoo for Couponing
Cuckoo for Couponing is an entirely made-up game that convinces your kids that shopping is fun. Since you love saving money, recruiting the kids to help you clip and use coupons makes sense. But what incentive do you give them for helping you with this task? In the Cuckoo for Couponing game, kids get prizes after reaching a certain dollar amount of savings with the coupons they've clipped. For example, if your child clips 10 $1 coupons for toilet paper and you use every single one of them, he has earned 10 savings points.

It's up to you where you want to set the boundary and what rewards you'd like to give. However, you'll want to keep in mind that kids will need to start seeing some results from their efforts fairly quickly, so they don't get bored with the game. Usually, it's good to shoot for about $50 of savings. However, you can also create a point ladder for kids to aim for and assign prizes accordingly. For example, five points will win you a piece of candy, 10 points will earn you a movie rental, 20 points will earn you freedom from one weekly chore, and so on.

Allow kids to personally benefit from coupon use
Although some kids may be sold with all of the points they earn for helping mom and dad save, others may want a more immediate incentive to help out and behave appropriately. This is usually the case with younger children, in which case you can engage kids in couponing by allowing them to clip grocery coupons that will be used for one or two special items just for them. This could be a discount on a candy bar, popsicles, Lunchables or another kid favorite item that will satisfy your little one.

You can also offer similar privileges for different types of coupons. However, to get the most out of this game, make sure your child also maintains good behavior when running errands, since this will be part of how they earn their prize.

Kids can be tricked into doing pretty much anything if you make it seem fun – just take a look at Tom Sawyer's famous fence whitewashing scheme. By making shopping and couponing into a game, you can keep your kids entertained and better behaved when you run those essential errands throughout the day. If it works with this task, just imagine the endless list of chores you can trick your kids into doing to make your life easier!

Grady Winston is an avid internet entrepreneur and guest blogger from Indianapolis. He has worked in the fields of technology, business, marketing, and advertising implementing multiple creative projects and solutions for a range of clients. The best way to save is to ensure you clip grocery coupons and maximize your shopping experience.

Friday, November 2, 2012

How to Save Money on School Supplies

Does buying back to school supplies leave you feeling broke? It doesn't have to. Though school supplies can be pricey, there are definitely ways to save on their costs.  With all this extra money saved, you can even finance education much easier.

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So, what are these money saving tips?  Continue reading below to find out!

Saving on your Children’s School Supplies:
1. Reuse old school supplies. Well, you can save a lot of money of you re-use some old school supplies instead of buying brand new ones. For instance, slightly used pens and markers, rulers, calculators, and notebooks can still be usable. You can simply repair or mix and match your old school bags instead of getting another expensive backpack for school. You can just identify the items which you can still make use and just buy the ones which are no longer available.

2. Buy cheaper but good quality materials. Another way you can save on school supplies is to buy items wisely. For instance, try to compare prices when you go to the department store or bookstore. Get only the best buys – the ones which are cheaper but are made of good quality. Make sure they’re durable so that your child can use them for a long time. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your money away instead of saving it.

3. Watch out for sales. You have to be alert and watch out for sales in your local bookstore or department store. Sometimes, malls would also have a back to school sale so you can take advantage of that. You will be able to save as much as fifty percent on school supplies and even get free samples. Keep yourself updated of monthly sales too so you can grab the opportunity to buy school supplies.

4. Be updated of tax-free holidays. Try to check whether your State implements a tax-free holiday. In some areas, this is usually observed when school is about to begin. This way, you can save money on your school supplies.

5. Make a list of items and stick to your budget. Finally, you can save money if you just stick to your budget. Make a list of the items you need before heading for the nearest department store. Refer to your list and avoid buying items that are not included there. Sometimes, we tend to buy impulsively and this would result to overspending. So watch out for that.

The author Lauren is a freelancer and consultant. If you would like to learn more about getting a grant, be sure to visit

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lounge At Your Garden With The Perfect Garden Tables and Chairs Set Today

A fast rising trend on furniture today is garden table and chairs set. Although this at times can resemble your typical indoor furniture, the overall style and design of the furniture is basically created to blend with the outdoors and help make sitting outdoors totally enjoyable and pleasurable for all. This creates a very fun time for all - spending worthwhile time outdoors.

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A lot of people find it difficult to venture on an outdoor furniture DIY project. This is basically due to the fact that unlike traditional indoor furniture, there are other things to consider. Let us take a good look at these other factors.

When you are looking to purchase garden table and chairs set, it is important to take into consideration the weather where you are. Do not consider just the climate for the day, but bear in mind the overall weather where you live. Is your place susceptible to heavy rains or snow? Is it windy or does dirt easily accumulate in your area? It is crucial to consider these factors as the kind of garden furniture you will purchase will rely on whether the climate will work for your type of furniture. One should select furniture made out of materials that is highly weather-resistant and is very easy to maintain.

Several homes nowadays have a pool in their backyards. Meaning, there will be folks other than your household members who will be using the table and chairs set in your backyard. This is deemed a perfect place for taking a break or having cool refreshments after a great swim. Should your garden furniture be situated near a pool, then this simply indicates the fact that you will be dealing closely with pool water not to mention other harmful chemicals as chlorine. In this case, you must pick garden furniture that’s sturdy enough to outlast the harmful chemicals found in your backyard.

Notwithstanding the fact that garden table and chair sets are needed, a lot of people want to be sure that the chairs look perfect for their garden. In the end, the purpose is to improve the way your home and the outdoor looks great. Garden tables and chair sets are a fun place where you, your loved ones, and visitors can choose to lay and enjoy the outdoors while they are still within your home. They are best for short meals, snacks, or even for simply relaxing at the backyard. Various tables such as a simple bistro table or a coffee table is available for your pleasure. Either of them is ideal to be set up in the middle of a couple of loungers while one enjoys the outdoor sipping refreshments and simply relaxing.

As you go shopping for your garden table and chairs set, it is essential to have a feel of how exactly your outdoor environment will be affected. This may not have an effect on the way your furniture will appear but it can impact its use and durability. For a wide selection of garden table and chairs set designs and style, you can simply shop online and have a feel of garden furniture that exists in the market today.

Tables N Chairs, Inc. is an independent non stocking distributor of commercial furniture and other business related products. Since 2001, TNC has been servicing churches, schools, country clubs, restaurants, hotels, resorts, government installations, camps, and a never ending variety of general business locations across the US. For all your garden tables and chairs needs, visit us today at:

Working Moms and Home Security

More mothers are going out to work today than at any time in the past, and increasingly their homes can fall victim to crime. It is, more often than not, a person from your own locality that is likely to burgle your home that someone from outside your neighborhood. Working moms and parents alike need to protect themselves and their homes from potential dangers.

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Your home is less likely to be a target for a burglar if you have a home security system in place, and you have had a locksmith fit all your doors with appropriate locks. Windows should also be locked whichever floor of a building you live on. Locksmiths are usually happy to give advice about the types of lock you need, so make sure you have a good one come to your home and fit the best locks for your home. This is your first step towards home security, and then when you have installed a security system, you may need a lock on your alarm system panel.

You will need to decide what type of system you need to protect your home and of course, there are many websites which can supply you with the information you need. You may have an alarm system, but perhaps it is antiquated and you need to upgrade it.

Check the doors and windows and think about how secure they are. You should have strong doors and be able to see who is at your door without them being able to see you. This gives you added security, and if you go to the door and don’t see anyone there, don’t open it. Take your cell phone with you and have the emergency police number (for example 911) ready to call.

You will need to have a heavy chain on your door so that if you do feel the need to open the door a potential burglar is not able to force an entry.

If you have a garden or driveway you may wish to install an outdoor lighting system, which turns itself on if someone is on the driveway. Burglars tend not to want to be caught in floodlights. Also you should check out your garden and cut back any bushes which are close to windows, as well as tree branches which are close to windows. You don’t want to make it easy for an intruder to break in.

If you have a basement door with an entrance from your garden, then you should make this especially burglar-proof with strong locks.

When you have installed a home security system don’t give the codes to others and don’t store them in an obvious way in your cell phone or other mobile device. If these are stolen and the thief knows where you live, your security system will be jeopardized.

Home security systems are well worth the expense for your peace of mind and the safety of your property as well as your personal safety. If you are a DIY enthusiast you can save money by installing a home alarm system yourself. Don’t delay protect your home today.

Katt Winson is an experienced and talented content writer who loves to write about a wide variety of technology, health, insurance, etc. She is also contributing author of Bellevue locksmith website.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Healthy Treat Ideas for the Holiday Season

Holidays are exciting and fun moments to children and adults alike. The last quarter of the year is the usual time for several major holidays that any kid is looking forward.  As part of celebrating holidays feasts and treats are served. Like in most holiday food has become the center of the celebration. Most families would serve elaborate dishes, fancy desserts and sweet yummy treats that are usually loaded with calories and contain too much fat.

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The holidays have become a challenge for most moms – thinking and planning for meals is part of it. If you have kids you sure know how hard it is to control their eating during these special celebrations. That is why as a responsible parent you should be able to provide your children with healthy alternatives such as healthier holiday treats. Whether you are celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas you should provide healthy food options for your family.

The Bad Effects of Unhealthy Holiday Treats

Most holiday treats are loaded with sugar, fat and carbohydrates. All of these would often result in ‘sugar high’ and mood swings in children and soon it will be followed by fatigue and irritability. The long term bad effects would be weight gain from eating too much sugar and carbs. Refine white sugar found in most processed foods are known to weaken the immune system by drastically decreasing the number of white cells which are essential in fighting off infection.

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Halloween Healthier Treats
Kids get so excited when Halloween is just around. This is the season of giving out and receiving treats in forms of candies, sugary snack food and fattening bars. As a parent you would not want to take out the fun stuff from this holiday event instead you could bring in more good healthy food treats that kids would love. Kids would want to receive chocolates on their baskets- good old fashion homemade chocolate goodies are better tasting and healthier. Homemade chocolates are very easy to do. You could go check out your local baking supplies store for chocolate molds and ingredients. Choose semisweet chocolate and skim milk instead of the regular milk chocolate. Pack them in creative Halloween theme.

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Having a Healthy Family on Thanksgiving 
Celebrating Thanksgiving means having a festive dinner with the family and some close friends. In this holiday event the food is the usual highlight. Most hosts would serve Thanksgiving treats for kids while waiting for the festive meal and processed snack foods are often the best choice for this. If you happen to host a Thanksgiving party it would be a smart move to include healthier snack for the kids. Serve some fruits on a stick by skewering fruit bite pieces into it or serve them on a platter. One great idea is to serve fruit slices with a nonfattening chocolate dip that would be a sure hit these kids would love.

Smart Healthy Eating for Kids during Christmas

Christmas is a very special holiday where the focus of this season is the gift giving. The Christmas season would begin this December and during this time many would have some parties and Christmas goodies are being handed out. Instead of giving out the familiar chocolate chip cookies why not baked your own healthier cookie alternative. Delicious but nutritious home baked oatmeal raisin cookies are surely a welcoming treat for anybody's kids and adults too.

About the Author: Michelle is a writer for My Food, a leading provider of healthy delivery diets in and around the UK. 


Monday, October 29, 2012

Holiday Dental Hygiene for You and your Kids

Love the food that comes with the holidays? Can’t wait to dig into your first slice of cherry pie or take that first sip of hot cocoa, this holiday season? Before you go all out and eat a slice while drinking that warm beverage, check our food and beverages that made the Holiday Teeth-Staining List from this Raleigh Dentist.  

Take a look at this list, as you’ll be surprised at which foods can cause serious discoloration despite their nutritious appeal. 

Holiday Teeth-Staining Foods:

1.   Blueberries: Packed with antioxidants, these tiny berries are part of nature’s superfoods. However, there dark blue skin is known to stain teeth.  That shouldn’t sway you from leaving them alone though, just keep a glass of water handy to swirl the aftereffects away.  Also keep in mind, that blueberries aren’t the only deeply pigmented berry-like fruit out there.  Cherries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and pomegranates can cause the same amount of damage.

2.   Hot Cocoa: A delicious winter drink typically accompanied by marshmallows and whip cream while sitting by a fire.  Just don’t drink too many.  Drinking hot beverages tend to open up the pores in your teeth, allowing for those dark liquids to degenerate your teeth enamel opening them up for permanent stains.

3.   Red Wine: Red wine, known for its heart health benefits, is full of polyphenols that prevent damage to the gums and bone surrounding the teeth.  Yet, it’s those same polyphenols that cause teeth staining.  The alcohol in red wine is extremely acidic, which wears away the tooth enamel leaving them open for stains. And don’t brush your teeth right after drinking red wine either.  You can actually scratch the enamel off that way too.

4.   Balsamic Vinegar:  This deeply colored vinegar tends to cling to teeth and cause discoloration.  However, if you drizzle it over salads you’ll be protecting your teeth and eating healthy.  Lettuce creates a film over your teeth that acts like a barrier to shield your teeth from stains.  If you’re not big on eating greens, you can always switch to a lighter colored vinegar.  

While you may not be able to avoid all of these foods during the holidays, you can adapt your dental hygiene practices to your busy holiday schedule:

  • Carry a traveling toothbrush and toothpaste with you for when you are going to a holiday party, that way you can brush away any possible stain potentials and maintain fresh breath.
  • Make sure you have enough toothpaste and floss to make it through the evening should you have to spend the night. 
  • Don’t delay in brushing and flossing, even if you are out at a dinner party.  The longer between brushes, the more time stains can sink into your teeth causing permanent discoloration.
  • Most dental offices close over the holidays.  Call up your dentist and ask who you can call should you have a dental emergency.
Always be sure to ask your dentist what other preventive dental measures you can take during the holidays.  They care about your teeth just as much as you do.   
About our Guest Author:
Rebecca Schmorr is the Owner and head Dentist of Glenwood Smiles, a Raleigh, NC based dentistry.  Their services include cosmetic and family dentistry, as well as specializing in dental procedures including oral dentation, root canal therapy, and composite fillings.  For more information about their services give them a call today at 919-834-4450 or visit them online at