Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flash Cards and Preschool Blues

Our home feels like a Preschool at times.

Mind you, my son is five, but we've decided not to enroll him this year. We're putting off school for another year. I know I probably sound like a bad mom to some mothers. But I also have my reasons, besides wanting our growing boy to be around us at all times. I feel there is too much pressure for parents to start kids at school early, or for kids to start learning lessons as soon as they start walking at Age 2.

Also what do other moms think about all these Preschools sprouting like mushrooms all over town? Some I believe are way too overpriced, its almost like sending your kid to college. Still, I look forward to next year, when finally my son has his first day of school.

I started school at age 7 and never went through nursery or preschool. It wasn't a prerequisite back then and my dad taught me my ABCs, reading & writing at home. I even did well in some subjects in grade school. Yes, I missed out on the whole preschool thing, but still turned out quite fine.

Okay, besides the issue on academic pressure, personally I want my child to enjoy every bit of his childhood. All children should have time for play and just be a kid each day.

As for Cowcow, he is progressing accordingly with his developmental milestones. His speech is improving though a year ago, he was having difficulty finding words to express himself clearly. Now he's getting things right on his own. Not all kids are the same, they learn and thrive in different rates. And I'm taking my own sweet time with my boy.

I make sure that within the day, my son has some hands-on activity, less TV time and online kids games. He's very much into these colorful flash cards. They come with these stickers, he can match or play around with on the cards. I found these in Booksale for P120 ($2.50). They come in two sets - Everyday Objects and Animals.

The flashcards, puzzles, books, toys and legos keep my son busy for about an hour or so, until he goes out for his daily swim.