Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Little Tumbleweed

As early as 6 months old, my babycow has been doing these tumbles and funny poses. Now he calls it his droideka mode, a kind of robot that transforms into a stealth assassin.

The droideka, also called the destroyer droid or wheel droid, was a type of heavy battle droid used by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems in the StarWars universe.

He would go at it during playtime, I like poking fun at him until he unfurls!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Safety belts on, hit the brakes!

Some Quotes for these hard times, how apt with the global recession in play:

The only reason we all go to work in the morning is because we're terrified of what would happen if we stopped.

Nothing very very good and nothing very very bad ever lasts for very very long.

- Douglas Coupland, Generation X

Whole sight or all the rest is desolation
John Fowles

Cow Cow's Drawing

My son's drawing using markers. He says all the lines are roads and cars crashing.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Boy on Bubblegum

My 4 year old son's thoughts on bubblegum

We were at the convenience store and he decided to get chewy candy (Sugus) kinda like fruity taffy. He was unwrapping one when he told me:

Mommy I'm scared to chew bubblegum
if I make bubble, explode sya!
then my face is dirty and yucky na!

He started to pout.

Mommy, if I chew all the bubblegum in the world
the earth will explode!

nagulat ako, he caught me off guard.

I was witnessing my son unravel his thoughts at me, he's growing up so fast, he has a mind of his own. A cute little universe with its own kind of physics.

It was so imaginative and funny of him, I laughed the whole cab ride home.

He turned quiet.

After a while, I notice him chewing relentlessly.

Mommy, I chew naman, why no bubbles?

Oh! I said.

I could see he was getting frustrated, he knew blowing bubblegum was so easy for other kids. So I just told him,

Well its because you have tiny teeth
when you're big like your dad
and then you have bigger teeth
you can blow bubbles!

That seemed to pacify him.

He instantly stops chewing, which only happens when he finds the answer acceptable.

Personally, I don't know how to make bubbles with bubblegum (yeah, poor mommy cow) I totally lack the mad mommy skillz.

Besides if I give him real gum, he might just swallow the whole thing which I know is not good for his tummy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Importance of Outdoor Play

Stash away the video games, turn the TV off and encourage our kids for some outdoor play. We had a good share of that growing up, but in this digital age, kids have more options for indoor activities. And less time or interest to venture outside.

A little nudge from Mom might go a long way.

Playing outdoors teaches kids to be proactive, it can reduce the risk of infections and help kids develop immunity to certain diseases. As a core part of their development, outdoor interaction can also enhance their motor and sensory skills.

Giving them this chance to meet and play with other kids can be emotionally rewarding, with kids picking up life lessons along the way.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How do I teach my 6 year old to stand up for herself?

I frequent yahoo answers, and I just thought of putting one of my best answers on MommyCow:

My 6 year old daughter is very quite and loves to play with other children. Just this past year she has become a little more outgoing. The problem I am having now is, if another child that she is playing with tells her to do something she does it even if she doesn't want to. Even when it comes to adults that are strangers she lets them push in front of her or push her out of the way without saying something.

For example: We went to the zoo the other day and she went to wash her hands and she was in front of the sink trying to put the water on and a lady comes and pushes her out of the way and my daughter just backs up and waits for her to be done, Also there was an instance with a friend of hers that, the friend tells her to come to me to ask for something for her and my daughter does it. The kids know that my daughter will do anything they tell her to and they take advantage of her. I don't want this to be a problem for her in the future. I do tell my daughter when I see this happen to her that she is her own person and to not let people do that to her.

Talk to her and tell her that its okay to speak her mind and tell other people what she wants to do and tell her, they can't always force her to do things just because they're bigger or talk louder. You also need to reinforce this at first, help her find her voice. I see you have witnessed these things happen to her. Did you intervene in any way? Perhaps calling out to the adults that a little girl was ahead of them. If you acknowledge her presence politely to these people, she can see it as an example, maybe she would try to stand up for herself eventually.

I wasn't assertive as a child and always got pushed around, its hard to build this kind of confidence especially if you are a shy child to begin with. But its good if she overcomes this while she is still young.

Celebrity Pinoy Baby: Queen Elizabeth Pacquiao

Following the trend of weird celebrity baby names, the Pacquiao's welcome their future Monarch, their new baby-
Queen Elizabeth Pacquiao.

Photo Source: GMA TV News

Their bunso weighed 7.9-pounds, Jinkee Pacquiao gave birth at the Los Angeles Metropolitan Hospital in Los Angeles, California Read More

I can only speculate why in the world would they would name their baby Queen Elizabeth, well Manny Pacquiao has always had a soft spot for moms, and being raised by a single mom himself. So why not name the kid after a beloved iron-fisted mum?

Baby pics will soon hit the tabloids when they get their youngling back to the Philippines. Manny Pacquiao is set to fight Ricky Hatton this May 2009.

Meanwhile, an avid fan named their baby after the champ, Baby Pacquiao