Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BabyCow's First Cosplay Event

We went to A-Venue Mall Makati last Monday for my son's first Cosplay.

The event was called Hero Nation: The Ultimate Youth Gathering (Strictly no parents allowed hahaha) Well, not really. 

Nikki, my friend's sister is the total cosplay fanatic. She informed me of the event the night before and I spent my whole morning trying to make a Hobbit hoodie for my CowCow. It was a sewing disaster befitting a project runway okrayan (critique).

But CowCow was happy to parade in it anyway sans the hobbit curly hair and hairy feet.

He had no idea how big the event was.

We merely told him it would be a big birthday costume party. He got so overwhelmed that he didn't want his photo taken with any of the cosplayers. He also got very hungry.

After a good meal, Cow was less cranky and now wanted a photo op with one guy, his only favorite cosplayer.

This really loaded army guy. He calls him Mr. Counterstrike. The rest didn't matter to him. I have a feeling though Mr. Counterstrike is the oldest guy in costume. Cool ey?

One can never be too old or young to enjoy something this playful and creative.

Some teens came with their nannies and moms in tow.

Some with their peers.

I may no longer be this anime buff like I once was growing up and I am no longer attune to whatever series is holding these young kids captive.

But I do appreciate the passion they have for dressing up.

I love the detail and work they put into their clothes. Some take about 1-3 weeks to prepare their outfits and accessories. The mental prep for self-promotion though comes naturally.

She reminds me of Candy Candy!


Love the flaming hair!

Sheer joy!

How about a pencil trick?

A bride or a nun? Take a guess...

DaddyCow used to be "in-betweener" for anime like Twins of Destiny (Julio & Julia) and Midnight Pierce. Okay so that's roughly revealing his age. Hah!

Cow likes her!

Cute as a button!

Lovin' the Metal Gear Box

No storm trooper showed up so it kinda disappointed Cow. Nikki told me we should go to a Sci-fi convention next time. Yeah and maybe by then I should wear some psychedelic bouffant with a really tight, suffocating Edwardian bodice. Or I could just show up as a giant dairy Cow!


Anonymous said...

Yes... I am the oldest cosplayer around... 43 yrs old... (pagawanaman.multiply.com)

DC "The Priest of Tao" said...

WRONG! I AM THE ELDEST COSPLAYER! "57" years old. DC Rushton, AKA: "The Priest of Tao". See my Cosplay Interview at: (2 Old 4 Anime)This is what I do to stay young.

Enjoy and Keep Young + Cosplaying!