Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scenes from a Kapampangan Christmas and New Year: Ho-Ho-Holidays!

Christmas is an awfully busy time especially if you're having it in Pampanga. There's so much cooking involved! So here's how our holidays fared:

Christmas parties!

Ima Sayong's Christmas tree

Lola's Christmas manger or belen

Gift giving with Tita Cookie with Cow and my niece Sasha

At the Ligligan parol or Pampanga's Giant Lantern Festival in San Fernando Pampanga. These colorful lanterns are over 40 feet tall and represent a town in Pampanga.

The two chikitings having fun!

Of course, Christmas and the New Year media noche is never complete without grandma's authentic ube kalamay :) Imagine, the hours of stirring just to get the right ube consistency! yumyum! kanyaman!

Cow got lotsa presents and baby ChoyChoy slept throughout the New Year's eve putukan, good thing... we sort of barricaded ourselves in a sealed room to avoid the fireworks smog and other things that are harmful to a newborn. Just made sure my eldest Cow had fun even if Mommy's busy breastfeeding.

Happy 2012!