Monday, February 1, 2010

Looking for the Most Suitable Preschool

February seems to be the right month to make the rounds of Preschool visits.

I am hoping to find a good school for my son, one that would further inspire his curiosity and encourage him to be sociable with kids his age. Too idealistic perhaps?

My sister during her nursery days in the 80s, my niece in playschool 2008

My main concern would be an availability of an enrollment slot for my child at his appropriate learning level. My other concerns would be the school curriculum, teaching methods, tuition fees, facilities and the travel time from home. Well, its my first time to enroll my child so I'm practically a newbie and believe me, the whole scenario is so overwhelming for me and its not even the first day of school yet.

My son Enzo is 5 years old. He's bright, smart, playful and cheerful. My son can read on his own. He can write his full name and the rest of the alphabet. He can count, but he can't do addition yet; It doesn't interest him right now. He loves to sing and draw people in blue crayon. He's not shy to approach other kids, but he still can't handle being turned down very well. He doesn't have play mates his age where we live, the kids at our building are mostly gradeschoolers, tweens or babies. So I'm hoping on a social level, a preschool can help my son interact and get used to being around other kids.So far, the schools I went to have been very accomodating. Thank God no one was rude (or masunget). I remember 'horror stories' about school searches which end up with the mom in tears.

So right now, I am on the prowl for the most suitable Preschool. I wish I could say I'm looking for the best one- but I think the best ones are beyond my reach, the progressive ones I like are in Quezon City and not in Makati where we live. The exclusive ones in Makati, may have the best facilities (their own playground, a huge playroom) but are beyond my price range. So what's left out there that is suitable?

My target is a preschool with good teaching methods, within my financial means, and the one with the closest proximity to my home.  I did my research, asking moms around the neighborhood (and the online mommy forums) about their kids' schools and the feedback I got from these moms has been invaluable.

I'm going to check out another school in the neighborhood tomorrow. Ayayay! Wish me luck.


the_archer1978 said...

I am in the same situation now. Looking good preschool for my kid. Any feedback to St . Vincent?

Manila Monkey said...

I think St. Vinent's is great, but the lack of a fire exit, (flood prone area in the lower ground floor) is a major concern. Steep stairways also. Will go back and check on the school's safety procedures. Was there lasr novemver