Friday, July 31, 2009

A Colombian Armada in Manila Bay

On the Philippine Daily Inquirer today, a very grand and regal ship called the Armada de Republica de Colombia Gloria, Colombia’s only naval training ship now docked at the South Harbor of Port Area, Manila.

See those amazing cadets sitting on the spars of its mast?

Wow! I would love to take my son out at the bay today just to see this beauty.

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino Died Today

Oh and Tita Cory died btw.

Tita Cory rockin' in red better than Imelda Marcos. Bless you dear lady and may you rest in Peace!

Sadly, I'm sure by this time everyone knows she passed away this morning. She bravely battled colon cancer and according to Noynoy Aquino she was too weak to continue her chemo.

As the whole country mourns of Tita Cory's passing, the current femme president Gloria Arroyo is getting her elbow tapped by President Barack Obama. Kilig naman ang bruja!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Small Toy Accident: A Mom's Nightmare

Accidents do happen, as if we're not neurotic and overprotective enough of our kids, when these things suddenly occur, most parents go through a quick rush of guilt, fear and sheer terror.

My sister Jenny was making breakfast when her daughter Sasha told her she just jammed a toy ball pen up her nose. To her horror, a plastic toy bead was left inside lodged up her left nostril. Fortunately, my younger sis Cookie who is a nurse calmed the child down and took them to the ER. There was no way to get to the bead without some really long metal tongs to take it out.

After much crying and nosebleeds at the ER, Sasha emerged fine.
I guess we just have to be extra vigilant about toys with small parts, keeping our homes child safe through many ways. My sis Jenny is just thankful that it wasn't much worse and that her daughter wasn't afraid to tell her what happened.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh my! House Pets for the Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Cowcow! I love you so much! Mahal ka ng Inay mo sobra!

My son just turned 5! I never thought he would be this big and bibo, imagine that? and now he wants Pets in our a very small apartment! not One! But a menagerie, he wants a puppy, cat, whale, turtle and fish!

I told him,
"I'll buy you Tilapia for a pet, you play with it all day then when you're hungry I'll cook it for dinner!"

He started laughing, he told me, "You're so silly mommy, Tilapia is not a Pet fish, its a Food fish."