Monday, April 19, 2010

Batibot: A Childhood Fave Makes A Comeback

Huwag kayong aalis, babalik kaagad ang Batibot!

Don't you leave just yet, Batibot will return quickly!

This is their catchphrase before this children's show goes into commercial. Well, its been decades and the show Batibot is finally coming back on air at its new home on channel TV5! Yay!

For Moms who grew up in the 80s in the Philippines, Batibot just stirs up a lot of fond memories growing up.

Batibot is the local counterpart of Sesame Street and like the CTW production the show has puppets, animation and storytelling. The show is all set in a happy little neighborhood in the city called Batibot. Batibot in the vernacular means "small but strong and robust"

Photos from Batibot Facebook Page 

The cast is lead by notable thespians who are forever known in their roles as friendly neighborhood people- Kuya Bodjie (Elder Brother Bodjie) who tells stories, Ate Siena (Elder Sister Siena) who breaks into song while giving out advice to kids, Kuya Ching (Elder Brother Ching) who is a funny jeepney driver.

Magandang umaga mga bata! ako si kikong matsing at paborito ko kumain ng saging!
Good Morning kids! I'm Kiko the Monkey and I love to eat bananas!

Kiko Matsing reminds me of Oscar the grouch, his body hidden behind wooden crates or boxes and just stays there throughout the show. But unlike Oscar, he's not grouchy at all, he just likes to asks a lot of questions.

The iconic Batibot mascot Pong Pagong (Pong the Turtle) who eats KangKong (water spinach). He stretches his neck out when he's happy

Batibot is currently in production and will air very soon as announced by TV5. Hope we could all introduce our kids to an old childhood fave- for every generation needs a show like Batibot.

Perlas na bilog wag tutulog tulog sabihin sakin ang be bi bo bu!!!!

Round pearl, don't sleep just yet, tell me the be bi bo bu!!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mommy_Cow on Twitter

Well my twitter address has a dash! So its Mommy_Cow!

So if you're a twitter addict hot mommy! Please do give me a follow at

I am working on some Cow sketches and dairy spots for my twitter page background. For now, my babycow rules as a wallpaper.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Son's First Heartbreak: Goodbye our sweet Ring!

I've been putting off blogging about my son's first pets- we got hamsters! I guess I should have decided a lot sooner. Today, one of them died.

I am weathering my son's first heartbreak right now, our hamster just died an hour ago. 

My son found him very still, when he touched it, the hammy started vomiting. Our hamster was suddenly very sick, he was fine the day before. Our hamster wasn't moving, but he was breathing heavily. He still responds to his name. He was vomiting and in pain. Ring would really look at us pleading. Daddycow held Ring till his last breath.  Watching our pet die was emotionally wretching, there wasn't enough time to take him to the vet a few blocks away. Now everyone's crying at home.

Ring was such a sweetie. We love him so much! Cowcow named him Ring because he has this single white stripe around his body. He choose him from the litter because of this cute stripe.

My son is asking me why his pet suddenly died and where would his pet go? He told me its unfair his pet died and he doesn't want to lose the rest of the hamsters. Wish I could really comfort and assure him, but really its hard enough to see him cry like this. My son has never cried like this before.

Daddycow placed Ring inside a box with soft tissues as pillows. My boy has cried his eyes out and by the time, my son has cried himself to sleep, Daddycow and I will go out secretly to the planter boxes and bury this wonderful creature who came into our lives.