Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LoloCow Builds A Doll House - Part I

I had a doll house growing up. It wasn't really much of a dollhouse, but a scale model of a house my dad was building. Most of my dolls couldn't fit in. My dad likes to scale down things and do math which is part of what he does as an engineer.

Now my sister wants a dollhouse for her daughter Sasha. This is her sketch. This doodle is what she wants done. Yeah, my sis draws like a preschooler.

This is how my Dad sees the doodle.

He's always fantastic with numbers.

More time spent measuring and planning

This is the plyboard he's gonna butcher.

Tools are out of the shed now. Dexter be envious!

This could be the sequel to Saw VI.

Now some cutting with the jigsaw. 

Making room for windows


Uh-Oh! Mommy Lola is home from the market and she's not pleased with the wood chips all over garage.

Almost there, but not quite. Setting up the walls could be a problem.

Let's check in on LoloCow next week and see his progress with the dollhouse.