Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Eve: A Blue Moon over Ayala Avenue Makati

For the New Year, we decided to stay in Makati and forego the clan homes in Pampanga or Sampaloc Manila. The Cows decided to stroll around the neighborhood at 1130pm, there wasn't much fireworks or fanfare in Makati compared to previous years where Makati City always had a street party or some big gathering.

Though it was kinda was boring with the streets empty, devoid of crowds and revelers. I still found walking around Makati on New Year's Eve with my family a very intimate experience.

With my son's voice booming and echoing in the streets, he was creating his own noise and loving every minute of it! We definitely owned the night.

A lone security guard watches the fireworks. It is exactly 12 midnight.

Sudden blackout near Greenbelt 5: Generators started roaring to life within seconds.

My son and the rare blue moon on New Year's Eve.

Fireworks lit up the air.

Neighbors go wild over Roman Candles.

There were some signs of life along Ayala Avenue. Security guards who threw in pla-plas and five stars unto the streets at midnight. Call center agents with torotots and lucis were dancing to that Insomnia dance tune. 

There were festive lights and fireworks for a good 15 minutes then sudenly nothing, but silence and darkness. The revelry had gone lowkey which truly defined the passing spirit of 2009, a year of recession, debt and hardships for most, I guess people decided to keep things simple, short and practical. 

2010 will definitely be better. 


--NP-- said...

Glad to know that “The Cows” enjoyed NEW YEAR :)
We “The piCATdizos” had a whale of a great time too!!