Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Moms Can Make Money Online - Part I

There are ways Pinoy moms or any stay-at-home moms can earn extra on the side. Our moms probably did the Avon gig or the neighborhood bake sale bake back in the day. For our generation, we're fortunate we have the web opening up new freelancing opportunities for us.

Personally, I make good with blogging, earning money through adsense or pay per click providers. Okay, so I'm on google welfare :)

So the option of being a problogger is pretty cool if you enjoy writing. The joy of blogging is that you don't have to go through hell, writing. You don't need to be a professional writer that can command a certain tone or a voice with her work. Its not like writing for a magazine, there is no editorial eye and its pretty easy, all you have is your own thoughts and words to make you money.

Whatever you have to write, make it short, concise, but with enough information. People surfing often skim through the meat of it. So making outlines or highlighting words using bullets are a pay off.

I would suggest using blogger or blogspot as a starting point, its very convenient and easy to manage. Its ideal for newbies and lately, they have incorporated a "monetize" option in blogger, that is if you don't want to go through setting up the adsense code yourself.

Well, blogging is a good passive income. Its like planting little seeds, over time you will eventually enjoy its fruits and perhaps even marvel at all the things you've ever written.