Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flea Market Wonders at Evangelista Street Makati

A Red Wagon for the Little Cow

On weekends, I usually check out the local flea market stalls in Evangelista before I hit the talipapa (fish & veggie market) at the end of the street.  

I feel I got a good deal today. I found a Red MegaBlock wagon in very good-condition, no scratches and with the product labels still on it.

I struck a deal with the seller, he wanted me to cough up P500 ($10), I said okay as long as he threw in the big bag of legos and mega blocks he was selling separately. He caved in and my son was screaming his heart out sa tuwa (happily) on the ride home. The wagon roughly sells for P1,800 ($37) at the mall. 

I have other great finds at Evangelista street in Makati (not limited to toys), but vintage pieces- fabrics, dinner wares, colored glass vases from the 70s (which are really made from thick glass) and some home deco bric-à-brac if you like stuffing your curio cabinets at home. Why limit yourself to the free clutter you get from friend's weddings and family reunions? If you're into collecting antiques or just into bargains, Evangelista is worth a visit.