Monday, September 24, 2012

NuffnangX: Once Regional, Taken to a Whole New Level

Make your blog more social and mobile with NuffnangX. The NuffnangX mobile app is available at GooglePlay and at the iTunes store.

On the web, you can sign up your own blog and even bookmark your fave blogs on NuffnangX using your Nuffnang, Twitter or Facebook account.

Give MommyCow a big heart on NuffnangX and do follow myblog :)

NuffnangX covers all the blog niches which you can easily follow on your mobile. I'm not much of a blog stalker, but I'm more of blog hoarder, if I find some interesting blog posts I usually follow these blogs and read them during my downtime. Glad NuffnangX is banking on its own community of blogs for a more social experience.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mommy Blogger Philippines: Hey Mommy Arge!

A soon-to-be Mommy I know has recently taken up blogging. This is especially interesting since she has worked as a web specialist for years, I love the idea that in a few months she will be posting pictures and updates about her baby. Here's Mommy Arge's website.

Well most moms do start their first blog when they have their first baby (I know I did!) it was the most practical way to keep track of all the wonderful baby milestones.

Well, Mommy Arge, I hope you enjoy blogging as much as pinning nonstop on Pinterest :)