Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sadness of Sendong

At the tail end of 2011, the 19th tropical cyclone Sendong left a trail of horrific devastation in the Philippines. It is by far the sneakiest and deadliest typhoon, ripping our hearts to shreds this Christmas. I cannot get myself to look at the images coming in from Iligan and Cagayan de Oro, I've seen some on Facebook and that was enough to break my heart in an instant.

Photo from Philippine Daily Inquirer

Too many dead children. Too many grieving parents. People walking, searching for missing love ones. Embalmers crying there aren't enough coffins to bury the dead. These are our dead, people! Give up the Christmas parties muna... let's give help whatever way we can :(

Thank God for the M/V YANG crew of Holcim Cement for rescuing the Typhoon Sendong survivors floating at sea. Mostly kids and a mom who lost her children :(

Let's give to the Philippine Red Cross or you can drop off in-kind or cash donations at LBC branches.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Batang Batangenyo Video: Preschooler Showdown

A teacher tries to sort out a preschool squabble Batangueña style. Ala eh! The three adorable Batangueño boys end up saying sorry and giggling throughout a group hug. Humingi lang naman ng sakolo dineh!

Winner pa name ng isang little boy - Dranreb! So 80s :)

Teacher: Sino bang mag-kaaway?
Alvin: Silang Dalawa! (points to the two boys)
Dranreb: Tayong tatlo nag-aaway!
Teacher: Eh bakit ka napasama diyan kung di ka naman napaaway?
Alvin: A-ako'y naglalakad lamang doon sa maluwag na yo-on, ay 'nare nung biglang nanuntok, naglalaro lang kami ni Alvin, ng bigla akong sinuntok 'nere..

Good for the teacher for letting the boys tell their side, some teachers don't have the patience to listen and would just quickly dismiss them or do nothing.

This video is just too cute for words- it's like a mini-barangay "Peace & Order" meeting :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baby's Out: Late Blogging My Second Repeat CS

Finally found the time to blog, it takes awhile for me to look back and digest certain things, I guess at the time I was just overwhelmed with so much baby love that I've totally forgotten to blog.

So about a month ago, in between shooting and editing my feature film, contractions kicked in and the baby really wanted out. I kept postponing my CS op for a variety of reasons, until finally my body could no longer hold it in, my baby's snugly womb was turning into a cramped apartment for him.

Voila! MY wonderful OB-GYNE Dra. Vina Jose whips out
my womb's masterpiece, 9 months-in-the-making of pure cuddly cuteness! Say hello to my 7.2 pounder, my baby Choychoy!

So last 11. 04. 2011, I gave birth at the cozy VRP, I choose my OB's solo room maternity package (okay it sounds like a fastfood budget meal) But really, it was worth every penny and best of all, everyone who visited was really comfy in my hospital room. But I'll post about my Dr. Victor R. Potenciano VRP Medical Center birthing experience for another day. I really want to discuss the whole hospital stay at great length.

For now, this is the pic that says it all- our little bundle ChoyChoy is ready for the world!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Of Homework and Child Beauty Pageants

A hot issue on Facebook:

Mater Carmeli School, what is your Grade 3 Computer Teacher teaching my baby brother?

An overzealous stagemom-teacher's mistake may have lifelong repercussions on her career, teaching license and daughter. But just the same the blogger was spot on, on calling her out for giving this mandatory assignment to her students. Yeah, how very unprofessional of her.

Which brings back memories of college professors selling campus concert tickets or org movie tickets, a mandatory move which had an impact on our grades every semester (and this treatment, we regularly got from our pontifical university). When and how this practice became socially and cuturally acceptable- I don't know? But it has been around since I can remember.

I don't understand why it is acceptable in our culture to have pageants like these- where you have to buy tickets or votes to win- talent is never enough, ey? I remember as a kid, this vote based or "ticket-sales" pageants are often organized by the comunity Church for their charities and yearly Santacruzans. Okay so now its on Facebook and everyone you know can take a vote. But I think the main issue here is that stagemom-teacher went overboard and broke a lot of laws in the process by shoving such an assignment down her students throats. But after the issue dies down, the teacher will always have her name associated with this, goodluck with her on getting a job and supporting her kids. Blogger wins with maximum damage. Blogger's brother though might as well shift schools, lest he becomes some sort of pariah among his young peers (who might not yet understand why their computer teacher got hell from the nuns running the school).

As for the teacher who was on a FB high getting points for her pageant princess, I pity her really. From what I've read from her online apology, for a computer teacher she's not that net savvy to begin with. I agree with one commenter, n00b nga ang lolabels. So does her mistake equal the punishment and online backlash coming her way? Some already want her head on a spike. After all, if the mess becomes massive and viral, all of the students from this school would feel the sting of their school's tarnished image.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Almost there.

Would I make it to the strangest due date ever? Maybe? but I'm not counting on it.

My Ob-Gyne wants my baby out much earlier, but I haven't locked any CS dates just yet. There is a question of cost and I mean huge inflation on preggy packages this year, 7 years ago the last time I gave birth it seems birthing costs were much more reasonable. Then there's the question of work and schedules and projects put to a halt. Family coming over, a fussy 7 year-old who doesn't want me away and not at home for very long. So much to juggle... but this belly is soooo heavy, lotsa 3rd trimester pain- baby kicking, back pain, pubic area pain and frequent bathroom breaks. Just getting up from bed is a struggle, an orchestrated act of balance and avoiding any unnecessary cramping.

For my 2nd pregnancy, I have the same wonderful OB and Pedia on board. I'm more comfortable with the idea that the doctors really know my medical history and how I was when I first gave birth. I'm in a far better state compared to my 1st pregnancy- I'm not manas (swelling with edema), overweight and I'm very active even in my 8.5 month state, I can handle 3 flights of stairs, take the MRT and even go up a farm hill (and endure a 16 hour film shoot at work). It ain't no cake, but its better than being dormant on a couch. I have no stretchmarks (only the ones from the previous pregnancy), I have no linea negra or dark spots (seems amazing). My baby's size is apt for his month and he has enough amniotic fluid to swim around. I think I owe this to the core exercises and Pilates regimen I had going before pregnancy and up to my first trimester. To sum it up my pregnancy now was less physically difficult and traumatic.

We're quite excited, I'm having another baby boy! a little brother for my firstborn, another son for a frantic dad- both can't wait to see the new addition to our family.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The A-HA! Learning Center for Street Kids

Let's give what we can give and contribute to our local community. It doesn't have to take a lot from us- we can volunteer our time, donate old and useful things or disseminate info to people or groups that have the bigger means to contribute :)

For starters, let's support this wonderful project of A-HA!

The A-HA! Learning Center is a free tutoring center for street kids living in the South Cemetery and Catholic Cemetery along Kalayaan and Reposo Streets in Makati.

I salute the commitment, passion and care of the people behind this non-profit group :) They also run a soup kitchen for the kids.

The A-HA center started in May 2009, and currently services 75 school children from grade 1 to 3rd year high school, teaching subjects from English, Math, Science to Art and Computer classes. They also have a new nursery playschool. They are in need of old books and toys, the books will help build A-ha!'s library further and the toys are for the community playschool.

Volunteers are welcome as according to their facebook page there isn't any age limit. They've got people as young as 12 and as old as 50 volunteer.

You can get in touch and bring your books at the A-HA Learning Center at 9708 C Pililia St, Rizal Village, Makati. For inquiries, please contact Jaton Zulueta (0918-979-3629) or Aina Valencia at 0917-507-9767 or email ahalearningcenter@gmail.com.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Sliced Pizza!

Being A Nuffnang Blogger is the Hottest Thing Since Sliced Pizza! (Though there's hot pizza right on the dot from Pizza hut) Being part of the Nuffnang blogosphere is the best thing that could ever happened to any local blogger.

Being a Nuffnang blogger can motivate you to go beyond writing about- what to wear, what to eat, what to share and what to see at the movies. You get to meet and seek out bloggers who share the same intense passion as you do. Now that's HOT!

It might be pouring down in the rest of Philippines, but that doesn't stop Pizza Hut and Nuffnang from having a sure-fire hot screening of Cowboys And Aliens, starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford at the Gateway Cinema.

But if you plan to stay indoors, the best news still comes from Pizza Hut! Which now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes AND hot (as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) or your pizza is FREE!

Dial 911-11-11
if you want your pizzas Hot on the Dot!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pretty Preggies

Staying pretty while preggy is a gift haha! The hormonal changes are enough to make you puff up, bloat, gain weight or just the opposite- BLOOM! How lucky some moms are :)

Pregnancy really suits Selma Blair.

She has that preggy glow about her... great mom aura :)

and Ivanka Trump, gorgeous and divine in white while she was still preggers about a month ago.

Photos from Celebrity Baby Scoop

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hear little 5 year-old Sofia Coppola sing the "Lupang Hinirang"

Hear little 5 year-old Sofia Coppola sing the "Lupang Hinirang" or the Philippine National Anthem (or as pinoy kids are quick to quip yung Bayang Magiliw). Sofia is now all grown up as acclaimed as her director dad and maybe even far more talented :)

She learned singing our national anthem when she stayed with her dad in Laguna throughout the filming of Apocalypse Now. The Philippine anthem starts at 2:40 secs on the video.

You may visit Blessmybag's link which has been doing the facebook rounds this morning or the NPR blog for the audio file

One of the best things you can do with your kid is to record things for posterity, well to archive the "now" and the fleeting moments of life can always prove to be a priceless treasure later on.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Niece at the Promil Pre-School i-Shine Talent Camp TV

My lovely 5 year-old niece Sasha is among the 12 finalists on the Promil i-Shine Talent Camp TV aired every Sunday on the GMA Network in Manila. The reality TV program is hosted by Mikee Cojuangco, Paolo Contis and child wonder Jillian Ward.

Sasha is superdaldal, makulit and loves posing in front of the camera for as long as I can remember. Mana sa Mommy and Lola niya ;)

At home, she loves to play dress up, my Sis makes her all these cute handmade costumes.

I saw the first episode this afternoon, looks a lot of fun for the kids and I can't say much about the parents though, they seem to look all anxious.

Well goodluck kiddies!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Mommy Drama of the Enrollment Season

This whole month has gotten me really flustered and frustrated - my son's moving up to a big school. But at the last minute we might move homes to another part of the city- from Makati to Ortigas or even Quezon City.

It's pretty late in the game to move and switch schools now, but if my hubby's new job call pulls through then we really have to make that decision uprooting everyone in our family into some neighborhood totally alien to us. Meh.

I don't know any grade schools that accept late enrollees, and its almost June! OMG! So in the next few days, I hope to really find a good one or else, me and my son would be stuck doing a long daily commute to Makati (at the big school I signed him up as early as their applications started last October). Haay naku!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Johnson's Baby Presko Play

Video by Futkalero

Futkal is the hero activity of the day at Johnson's Baby Presko Play at the main promenade at the Market, Market in Fort Bonifacio. Futkal is the current rage among the young in local barangays. Futkal is the street kid's version of soccer, it gets its name from football and kalye (street).

Johnson's Baby has gathered kids from all walks of life to participate in a day long activity session which includes Futkal training and other pawisin-yet-fun activities for kids like my fave Chinese garter and my son's fave bouncing ball.

We got there around 10:45am and was whisk off to Trellis by one of the friendly event coordinators. Here we shared the same lunch table with Chic Sassy Mom and Mommy Peach. Please check out her post since she has adorable pics of the Presko Play event :)

My son was giddy with excitement he wanted to skip lunch and just go try all the games. He actually signed himself alone at the bouncy ball booth, after a couple of rounds hopping on the ball, he started giving me this helpless look when the nice J&J booth ladies started to powder him (haha). Di bale presko na baby ko! Unfortunately, we ran out of camera batteries at the event, still we had lots of fun watching the Drill Demos and Futkaleros.

Ooh and I finally got my long-awaited J&J bassinet which is just LOVELY :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Makati Preschool and Nursery: Saint Vincent Center

I'm very excited and looking forward to my son's preschool graduation next week. For moms looking for a preschool in Makati, do check out the Saint Vincent Center during your school hunt. Its a very small school, mind you, but the teachers here are really BIG on teaching and caring for the kids.

Saint Vincent Center

Lower Ground Unit 11
Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower, Makati City
Phone number: 894-4498 / 0916 493 8554

  • Pre-Nursery - 2 to 3 years old
  • Nursery - 3 to 4 years old
  • Junior Casa - 4 to 5 years old
  • Advance Casa - 5 to 6 years old

Class Schedule:
  • 7:30 am to 10am
  • 10:30 am to 1 pm
  • 1:30 pm to 4pm

Two 1x1 pictures
Photocopy of Birth Certificate
They accept transferees and late enrollees all-year round especially kids coming in from abroad

Administrative office:
Open from 9am to 7pm
Saturdays by appointment

Ideal for parents working in the Legaspi Village area and Pasong Tamo area. The preschool is situated inside Cityland Pasong Tamo tower, its in front of Don Bosco Makati and near Waltermart Supermarket.

There's a small teacher-to-student ratio per class; bilingual environment; teaching methods involves worksheets, singing, dancing and playing.

My son's social skills really improved here and he's learn to share and take turns when playing with kids his age. They have annual field trips too, this year we went to the Zoobic Safari.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

School Yard Songs and other Pinoy Rhymes

Pattycake rhymes and other songs I remember from first grade:

  • Sen, Sen, Sen playmates come on and play with me, are you my darling friend? For ever mo-mooore! (very catchy and gets faster after every patty cake level, though I no longer recall the whole song)
  • Monkey monkey anabelle, how many monkeys do you see?
  • Si Pepito natutulog walang kulambo, walang kumot...
  • 123 Asawa ni Marie Araw Gabi Walang Panty! (Hmm...kaya pala napapataas ng kilay Mommy ko noon)
  • Tong Tong pakitong kitong, alimango sa dagat malaki at masarap...
  • Sasara ang Bulaklak, Bubuka ang bulaklak, lalabas ang reyna, pakendeng kendeng pa...
  • Sweet Violet, sweeter than the roses are red, over and over and over again... sweet violet!
  • Shaggedy Shaggedy Sha Po Po!
  • Siritsit Kawali...
  • langit-lupa impiyerno, imp-imp-yernoooo!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Park Life

Out to feed the fishes at Washington SyCip Park; A great place to chillax on afternoons.

Monday, February 14, 2011

N is for Nita Negrita

It's sad  this is even on TV.  

I saw the few tweets and blog posts and yes, I'm quite puzzled why there aren't so much blog posts concerning the content and visuals of this TV show. 

Personally, I think the show is done in poor taste. But like any offensive garbage on TV, I can just turn off the TV and not let my family watch it. But the problem is, it's still there, people are watching it and shrugging off any hints of it's racism as acceptable- kasi its on TV, its on a trusted TV network. It's not making the problem go away, does it?

And the saddest thing one can hear about this show is the ignorance it brings forth. Someone told me I shouldn't be offended because on a local perspective 'Blackface' in pinoy culture is not offensive raw. It's something that only affects the African Americans in the US and doesn't concern the dark-skinned Filipinos living in the Philippines :( Sad, sad. So much for progress and acceptance- akala ko pa man din mas forward thinking na mga pinoys.  And I thought with the advent of the internet and with pinoys who have relatives and family members living abroad we would feel more interconnected and sensitive with global issues. Sa labas ng bansa, Pinoys experience racism a lot, subtle or harap-harapan, masakit po yun at mali po yun. So why do we have to spread this kind of discrimination among ourselves?  

Photo from the twitter page of Carlos Celdran

When a foreign TV show depicts us as a country of maids or call us slurs or something professionally demeaning, we are quick to anger to rebuke this kind of racism- why not on the kind of racism that is happening in our own backyard? It's being shoved right on our faces po and even if you don't watch TV just take the MRT alone and you will see that tasteless billboard along EDSA.

If you still think I'm off track with Nita Negrita, I did see the first episode and it is standard telenovela fare. Lotlot de Leon brings the hagulgul drama on and she's is good at it. But as a mom, I find it appalling that that in some scenes they had decided to cover a baby with black make-up from head to toe. Is it even safe to cover a baby in pasty make-up?

How long did this baby endure the shooting hours wearing all that guck? Mommy bloggers, you'd be the judged na lang. 

Here some links from other pinoy mommy bloggers who had something to say about Nita Negrita

No to Nita Negrita
Sweet Hopia on Nita Negrita
Only in the Philippines?