Saturday, December 12, 2009

Party Away at 55 Events Place

55 Events Place is the ultimate happening venue, it's where extraordinary parties come to life.

Located at Scout Rallos in Timog, Quezon City, 55 Events Place has that zen and minimalist feel with its large picture windows, doors and earth-toned interiors.

The outdoor garden space that leads up to the bathroom and courtesy room where guests can lounge and retouch their make-up.

I love the modern feel of 55 Events Place, it gives me a lot of ideas for events I'm planning.

You can go grand and set a lavish affair in their ballroom area which is very ideal if you're expecting a large crowd like with debuts, weddings and golden wedding anniversaries. 55 Events Place is 700 square meters of multi-functional space which can easily be set and prep for your party needs.

If it's an intimate affair between friends and family, you may go for a casual and relaxing ambiance in 55 Events' very inviting zen garden.

The garden has this impressive cascading water feature which can be cool and relaxing for the guests.

I'm thinking a tropical Luau party would be perfect in this area.

Miss Nancy Harel at the beach barbecue buffet

55 Events Place is the perfect venue for weddings, debuts, birthdays, corporate events, parties, seminars and reunions.

In addition to a stage and backdrop, dance floor, widescreen and projector, the venue also offers the use of KTV and a lighted dance floor. 

There has been a lot of great themed parties held at the venue. Notably a black and white debutant party with giant dice replicas on the dance floor. A Disney-inspired party, and a Hello-Kitty themed party, which included a huge inflatable slide and a parlor for kids, complete with nail polish, glitters, glitter tattoo, and a photo booth. 

55 Events Place has its own in-house catering, as well as accredited and known caterers in its roster. Namely the following Philippine caterers:

• Hizon's Catering
• Josiah's Catering
• Tamayo's Catering
• Verleo's Catering

For the event, Hizon’s catering prepared a truly Filipiniana feast.

Desserts Galore at Tamayo's Catering. I had like 3 of these choco swirls and 2 of the Jellies. 

Tamayo's catering featured a romantic wedding buffet and an all-white table setting.

Josiah’s catering went all out with a fun children's party buffet.

I went gaga for these adorable baby burgers just right for the kiddies!

Swan catering offered the guests a flavourful and spicy Mediterranean buffet. I felt so stuffed like a kebab afterwards!

At the oriental buffet by Verleo or VS&F catering, we were treated to a golden table setting and festive Asian cuisine.

Miss Mars Abesamis of 55 Events Place and Mr. Kiko Rustia host the day's event.

year, 2008, we decided to renovate the warehouse and make it into an events place. We saw the demand for party venues. People would really rather celebrate their parties in a place where they could transform it the way they want it and not worry about cleaning up after, which is the case when they have it at their own homes." 

"Our clients like the idea of a worry-free party. They just go to the place, have fun, party, eat, go home and rest." - Dick Balajadia and Mars Abesamis of 55 Events Place

To date that event at 55 Events Place was the most fab and fulfilling gastronomique treat for me this 2009!

55 Events Place is a great location for fun and unique events.

For bookings, rates and packages please call: 55 Events Place
#55 Scout Rallos Street, Quezon, City
Telephone number: +63 (02) 371-44-35
Mobile number: 0922-899-4941


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