Monday, November 23, 2009

MommyCow at the Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime Discoveries

I was just in time for the morning coffee at the Conservatory, Manila Peninsula Hotel.

Miss Adele of Johnson & Johnson introduced me to the rest of the moms. Of course, my fave people - the Nuffies of Nuffnang Manila were there. 

Breakfast buddies: Moms and Dads arrive for the Johnson & Johnson's Bedtime A to Zzzzzs

Mommy bloggers were asked to cool their heels inside the cozy nursery.

We got comfy with these soft slippers

We were then greeted by our charming event host, Christine Bersola-Babao and her really big baby bump. She looks radiant in yellow.

Dr. Luis Rivera, a diplomate of the Philippine Pediatric Society and Pediatric consultant at Makati Medical Center discusses the science of sleep.  

Miss Christine Balingit presents more Mommy lovin' with a tribute video

Miss Minay Martinez and Miss Bea Dalma talk about powder particles.

Mommy Noemi checks out the Baby Center website.

All the Mommy bloggers say "Cheese!"

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