Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Team Jinkee!

If you haven't heard of the ongoing pambansang telenovela (national soap opera) then you've been living under a rock. Well you're not missing much anyway, the saga continues online...

In the boxing forums and the mom forums, everyone has a mouthful to say about Krista Ranillo

Lucky for Ara Mina she didn't suffer this kind of backlash, I guess she knew how to keep it out of the national spotlight.

After being outted by Gina Alajar on Facebook, Krista has been seen with Manny after Jimmy Kimmel Live! and at an LA shopping mall, HK and Baguio and where else? The rest of her family are thrown into the picture, 70s matinee idol Matt Ranillo III and veteran actress Gloria Sevilla are branded as mga kunsintidor (tolerant or supportive of bad behavior) and walang delicadeza (no sense of decency). Ah, the public outrage. And that Matt Ranillo III after losing his election bid and deep in debt now owes Manny Pacquiao 5m!? All rubbish. And that the apparently shocking text message Jinkee Pacquiao sent to Kris Aquino on the Buzz was rumoured to be the cause of Jinkee's melt down - a pregnant Krista Ranillo. All speculation.

During the Catholic Thanksgiving Mass post-Cotto fight, the spotlight was on a tearful Jinkee. I guess it was the best possible way for her to break her silence to the public, the scene didn't need any words - Jinkee was definitely hurting inside.

Obviously Pacquiao didn't see this coming, Jinkee refused to hug him and when he offered his bandaged south paw, he was shunned away. Lucky for Manny, his mother Dionisia Pacquiao was there to save him from another awkward moment in front of the cameras.

Manny's comments on ABS-CBN news and GMA TV are not helping either. He should hire a publicist by now. But I guess Miss Whatevs said it best on her blog.

"Jinkee loved you way before you could afford to buy her Hermes. And I believe that she will still love you long after you’ve lost every penny"

One thing, at least, rings true from this whole affair, it's that Mommycow is a chismosa (a gossip girl).