Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Boy on Bubblegum

My 4 year old son's thoughts on bubblegum

We were at the convenience store and he decided to get chewy candy (Sugus) kinda like fruity taffy. He was unwrapping one when he told me:

Mommy I'm scared to chew bubblegum
if I make bubble, explode sya!
then my face is dirty and yucky na!

He started to pout.

Mommy, if I chew all the bubblegum in the world
the earth will explode!

nagulat ako, he caught me off guard.

I was witnessing my son unravel his thoughts at me, he's growing up so fast, he has a mind of his own. A cute little universe with its own kind of physics.

It was so imaginative and funny of him, I laughed the whole cab ride home.

He turned quiet.

After a while, I notice him chewing relentlessly.

Mommy, I chew naman, why no bubbles?

Oh! I said.

I could see he was getting frustrated, he knew blowing bubblegum was so easy for other kids. So I just told him,

Well its because you have tiny teeth
when you're big like your dad
and then you have bigger teeth
you can blow bubbles!

That seemed to pacify him.

He instantly stops chewing, which only happens when he finds the answer acceptable.

Personally, I don't know how to make bubbles with bubblegum (yeah, poor mommy cow) I totally lack the mad mommy skillz.

Besides if I give him real gum, he might just swallow the whole thing which I know is not good for his tummy.