Monday, February 9, 2009

Cow and the Candy Panda

Tita Janussy came by one day to give my dear cow his post Christmas present. He spent the day counting the candy inside the panda and hugging the thing for hours. Call it sugar love!

I've always denied him candy- menthol candy, lollipops, mentos, bubblegum. The kind he would like to crackle with his teeth, I don't know why he wouldn't just settle on sucking on it. But trying to crack hard candy with his baby teeth just disturbs me. Hence, he rarely gets hard candy (but he does get chocolate). So understandably, comes his excitement and energy over this Panda with treats!

One thing I love about Cow, as much as he loves candy, he also enjoys brushing his teeth. He has two toothbrushes, his spiderman toothbrush and his brand new electric dolphin toothbrush which deserves another post =)