Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh my! House Pets for the Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Cowcow! I love you so much! Mahal ka ng Inay mo sobra!

My son just turned 5! I never thought he would be this big and bibo, imagine that? and now he wants Pets in our a very small apartment! not One! But a menagerie, he wants a puppy, cat, whale, turtle and fish!

I told him,
"I'll buy you Tilapia for a pet, you play with it all day then when you're hungry I'll cook it for dinner!"

He started laughing, he told me, "You're so silly mommy, Tilapia is not a Pet fish, its a Food fish."



It's me Tey! said...

he is right! smart kid!

VivaFilipinas! said...

haha oo and makulit too!

Ms. Chee G. said...

haha! bibo talaga babycow!!! miss you guys!