Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Son's First Heartbreak: Goodbye our sweet Ring!

I've been putting off blogging about my son's first pets- we got hamsters! I guess I should have decided a lot sooner. Today, one of them died.

I am weathering my son's first heartbreak right now, our hamster just died an hour ago. 

My son found him very still, when he touched it, the hammy started vomiting. Our hamster was suddenly very sick, he was fine the day before. Our hamster wasn't moving, but he was breathing heavily. He still responds to his name. He was vomiting and in pain. Ring would really look at us pleading. Daddycow held Ring till his last breath.  Watching our pet die was emotionally wretching, there wasn't enough time to take him to the vet a few blocks away. Now everyone's crying at home.

Ring was such a sweetie. We love him so much! Cowcow named him Ring because he has this single white stripe around his body. He choose him from the litter because of this cute stripe.

My son is asking me why his pet suddenly died and where would his pet go? He told me its unfair his pet died and he doesn't want to lose the rest of the hamsters. Wish I could really comfort and assure him, but really its hard enough to see him cry like this. My son has never cried like this before.

Daddycow placed Ring inside a box with soft tissues as pillows. My boy has cried his eyes out and by the time, my son has cried himself to sleep, Daddycow and I will go out secretly to the planter boxes and bury this wonderful creature who came into our lives.