Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dark Nights under Typhoon Basyang

Internationally known as Typhoon Conson, Basyang may not have brought down dreadful rains like Typhoon Ondoy, but it still pummeled the country with its strong winds. Knocking out powerlines, crippling the capital Manila with blackouts which shut down all commuter trains - LRT, MRT and PNR trains.

The long commute. A lot of workers were left stranded. My Dad had to endure a 3-hour ride from Monumento to Makati via bus, only to find out most offices had no electricity (these private companies however still required employees to come to work despite the bad weather) .

Blackouts in Makati. We had to endure having no electricity for 2 nights which meant no functioning rice cooker and electric stove. With meat spoiling in the fridge, I was near crazy and adamant to find a friend's house to cook everything. My cows were starving and even the fastfood stores were closed. Some fastfood outlets suffered the brunt of the storm terribly.

Even the tempered glass at KFC was unable to withstand the strong winds of Basyang.

Luckily, no one was hurt when the shards came falling down.

I went to Salcedo street really early to meet up with my Dad who was bringing us emergency food from Pampanga. There were a lot of debris and tree branches were strewn about in Legaspi village. In other places in the city, you had to look out for flying tin roofs during the storm.

Mom & Dad Saves the Day. My mom is amazing though, she could have just made us some soupy treat or sent us canned food instead she still managed to cook Stuffed Chicken Gallantina and Lechon Paksiw then packed it in banana leaves just in time for my Dad to bring it to Makati. Haay, the Kapampangan spirit talaga when it comes to food, kailangan laging espesyal :) 

The long wait. It was too dark inside our unit, so me and my son spent our time singing nursery rhymes at the corridor. Our building's generator could only sustain light at its hallways and power up its elevators.

By morning, Makati was back to normal again and I'm now back online blogging about the whole thing. Hope everyone was safe inside their homes!


Tetcha said...

Mom and Dad really saved your day with yummy treats. I'm sure that sumptuous lechon paksiw and Chicken Gallantina made you forget the fury of Basyang. Seriously, I'm glad your family was safe when Basyang hit Manila.