Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Social Network Premiere Night by Nuffnang and PLDT MyDSL

All the Nuffies in the house!

So visionaries turned billionaires make the worst kind of friends - traitors! Ah so goes the betrayal with nothing but money and a lawsuit to salve the wounds. The Facebook movie/The Social Network was gripping, enjoyable and worth the popcorn :) 

Patty ayaw mag-pose :P

Though today's weather was unforgiving, we made it time for the screening and I really do have fun going to Nuffnang premieres.  This was the second movie premiere I attended, the first one was Salt and this time around I went home with a loot bag. Nuffnang events are about the only time I get to see other bloggers (Hi Jane!) - its a great way to catch up!