Monday, June 18, 2012

Johnson & Johnson Philippines: New Gen Care for New Gen Moms

Johnson & Johnson baby care products, a trusted partner of Moms in the Philippines for over a 100 years, just recently came out with a line of New Gen Care baby products for the ever-changing needs of the New Gen Mom. My personal baby care favorites are Johnson’s® Lavender Bedtime Bath, Johnson’s® baby Top-to-Toe™ Self Foaming Wash and their sunscreen series which includes the Johnson’s® baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion.

What's a New Gen Mom to boot? A New Gen Mom is what we can call a modern mom with a new set of contemporary challenges- balancing work, family time and personal goals. New Gen Moms are master multi-taskers, highly expressive with ideas and constantly cultivates a habit of action when it comes to prioritizing their children.

My baby Choy loves the new foam wash, he's learning to grab and grasp bubbles lately, so bath time has been oodles of fun for the family. The Johnson’s baby Top-to-Toe Self Foaming Wash has an easy squirt nozzle, smells great and very gentle too.