Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And a Giant Pink Bunny fell unto Earth

Looks like Easter came crashing early for the Italians!

A Google Satellite image

Geitlin, the Vienna group responsible for the bunny created the 200 feet monstrosity of cuteness on the mountain Colletto Fava. The magnificent wool installation is called "Hase" which translates as "Hare" is to remain on its spot till 2025. Enough time for us to invade Europe and take a peek at it.

Geitlin further explains their reason for the rabbit as "the things one finds wandering in a landscape, familiar things and utterly unknown." Like in Gulliver's Travels, we Lilliputians are expected to climb, explore and party on the pink bunny.

Ironically, the pink bunny has its entrails out in the open, perhaps it really did have a bad fall.

Hands down, this is the most engaging art installation I've ever heard of- besides the upside down house in Germany, of course!

But this giant pink bunny, based on my son's very excited reaction is definitely tops! He thinks its made from marshmallows from outer space.