Friday, August 7, 2009

The Devil in the Details: President Arroyo's Coffin on Manila Bulletin

In today's dailies, it seems they got their femme presidents mixed up! I guess tomorrow's headlines would be "Noli De Castro Sworn In as President" or "Manila Bulletin Proofreader found Dead".

Though much of the respect and tears go out for our beloved Tita Cory, young boys of this generation have found new Kuyas (Elder brothers) to look up to during this national televised event. Much of the attention has been given to the honor guards who stood firm and in seemingly in a trance for 8 hours throughout the funeral, much of it under pouring rain.

To the Honor guards of sheer stamina- Pfc. Antonio Cadiente, Airman 2nd Class Gener Laguindam, Petty Officer 3 Edgardo Rodriguez and Police Officer 1 Danilo Maalab. You do your country proud and Tita Cory too (God bless her soul)