Monday, March 22, 2010

3 Stars and the Sun: A Blog for all Boxing Daddies

Hello Sporty Dads and Grandpas! Can't get enough of Manny Pacquiao? Want to whine and rant ala Mayweather? Or simply pout about like Paulie Malignaggi!

The blog 3 Stars and the Sun should be enough to fill your boxing fix, satiate your pinoy patriotism for Pacquiao and his 200-man entourage. Meet Pacquiao's elite 31 man team in LA and all things lovable about coach Freddie Roach. Get to know more about Pacquaio as a Dad and his healthy habits which includes his workout stats, diet and more of his videoke faves.

3 Stars and the Sun is whack out funny with its own brand of boxing humor tailored for diehard fans especially for Dads everywhere!