Friday, March 26, 2010

How Girls Get Pregnant

I overheard my 5 year-old son and his playmates talking about pregnancy at the swimming pool the other day.
A cute and chubby little boy joins them in the water.

"Mommy Jeremy is pregnant!" Cow says out loud pointing to the little boy's round belly. His nine-year old sister Marie was quick to defend him.

"No, he's a boy! Only girls can get pregnant Cowcow!"

"So you're pregnant!" Cow says, "You're a girl!"

"No, you can only get pregnant if you're 18 and have a boyfriend!"

Hahaha! I couldn't help but laugh, but there's some truth to that though. 


eva said...

awwww! But I wonder why I didn't get pregnant when I was 18? LOL. Love their talk, really smart kids!

madhatter said...

But you did at 16? wahaha

Kids really surprise me these days! :)

mundongmaligaya said...

hahahah! aaawww! ang funny. I'm a huge fan of cow. He should be a stand up comedian. Ngayon na!