Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Narra Tree: an All-Natural Immune Booster

Our grandparents often have a penchant for hardwood furniture such as those made from the Narra tree because of its sturdy and termite-resistant properties. Like the bamboo and the coconut, our national tree is very versatile, it also has medicinal and cleansing properties that dates back to the 16th and 18th centuries.

With all the free radicals and pollutants unleashed in our environment today is it still possible at all to live as healthy as humanly possible? This was one of the key points raised at the Naturteq Talk at the Museum Cafe in Greenbelt Ayala.

Miss Trina, Marketing Manager of Naturteq eagerly shares tips on the healing powers of the majestic Rosewood.

If you're into the holistic lifestyle, Naturteq Direct, Inc. offers a Narra Bark and Wood Food Supplement in capsule and tea form called Natursentials Rosewood. Narra is known to be a very effective antioxidant, particularly a blood purifier.

The components of narra - isoflavones and polyphenolics – are also known as phytochemicals. Research shows that the consumption of isoflavones fight diseases on several fronts, thereby lowering the risk of getting the diseases. Polyphenolics (or Polyphenols), on the other hand, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer because of anti-oxidant properties that narra possesses.

Mommy blogger Mrs. Martinez and Events Executive Mrs. Nancy Harel

Dr. Sonny A. Viloria, General Practitioner and Natural Therapist, and strong supporter of the narra tree.

Dr. Viloria is one of the pioneers and strong supporter of the practice of “Natural Medicine” in the Philippines. He has been an advocate for narra since he came back from Australia in 1992, after earning his diploma in Therapies and Traditional Chinese Medicine from Australia.

Mr. George D. Mercado, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PPLIC) talks about the company's commitment for a holistic lifestyle through Naturteq Direct. Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company is the leader in innovation and growth in the life insurance industry in the country.

Narra acts more as an immune booster which enhances what your body naturally has. It targets whatever is unbalanced in the body, as in cases of hypertension, hyper/hypoglycemia, acne, cancer, etc. This intelligent food supplement equalizes and optimizes your natural immune system to fight these illnesses. It is your way of healing yourself naturally.

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Lhot said...

This is very interesting! But isn't Narra becoming scarce in our country already? Oh the whole tree doesn't need to be cut to produce these supplement, does it? :)

This also reminds me of our very own malunggay!

madhatter said...

Thanks for pointing that out Lhot :)

Its a crime under Philippine law to cut down a Narra Tree. At the Rosewood Narra farm, they only cut off new Narra shoots and the bark, no trees are cut down in the process of making the health supplements.

BTW, am also a big fan of malunggay :)

Anonymous said...

hi madhatter.

I would just like to ask if u r already a distributor of the narra tea? thanx a lot