Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Mommy Drama of the Enrollment Season

This whole month has gotten me really flustered and frustrated - my son's moving up to a big school. But at the last minute we might move homes to another part of the city- from Makati to Ortigas or even Quezon City.

It's pretty late in the game to move and switch schools now, but if my hubby's new job call pulls through then we really have to make that decision uprooting everyone in our family into some neighborhood totally alien to us. Meh.

I don't know any grade schools that accept late enrollees, and its almost June! OMG! So in the next few days, I hope to really find a good one or else, me and my son would be stuck doing a long daily commute to Makati (at the big school I signed him up as early as their applications started last October). Haay naku!


Spanish Pinay said...

Oh no! sounds like a big pain in the arse :-S But whatever happens, you sure will get by... and something that would work for all of you would sure come up. Animo! :)


madhatter said...

Thanks Spanish Pinay Mommy! :) Well I'm happy to say its my son's first day of school tomorrow, so YAY!