Thursday, March 31, 2011

Johnson's Baby Presko Play

Video by Futkalero

Futkal is the hero activity of the day at Johnson's Baby Presko Play at the main promenade at the Market, Market in Fort Bonifacio. Futkal is the current rage among the young in local barangays. Futkal is the street kid's version of soccer, it gets its name from football and kalye (street).

Johnson's Baby has gathered kids from all walks of life to participate in a day long activity session which includes Futkal training and other pawisin-yet-fun activities for kids like my fave Chinese garter and my son's fave bouncing ball.

We got there around 10:45am and was whisk off to Trellis by one of the friendly event coordinators. Here we shared the same lunch table with Chic Sassy Mom and Mommy Peach. Please check out her post since she has adorable pics of the Presko Play event :)

My son was giddy with excitement he wanted to skip lunch and just go try all the games. He actually signed himself alone at the bouncy ball booth, after a couple of rounds hopping on the ball, he started giving me this helpless look when the nice J&J booth ladies started to powder him (haha). Di bale presko na baby ko! Unfortunately, we ran out of camera batteries at the event, still we had lots of fun watching the Drill Demos and Futkaleros.

Ooh and I finally got my long-awaited J&J bassinet which is just LOVELY :)


Des said...

hi mommy! thanks for the mention! :-) it was nice meeting you! ...we get to see each other in other events! :-)

Des said...

hi mommy! by the way, I have an ongoing giveaway, hope you'll check it out. Thanks and Best Regards! :-D