Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The A-HA! Learning Center for Street Kids

Let's give what we can give and contribute to our local community. It doesn't have to take a lot from us- we can volunteer our time, donate old and useful things or disseminate info to people or groups that have the bigger means to contribute :)

For starters, let's support this wonderful project of A-HA!

The A-HA! Learning Center is a free tutoring center for street kids living in the South Cemetery and Catholic Cemetery along Kalayaan and Reposo Streets in Makati.

I salute the commitment, passion and care of the people behind this non-profit group :) They also run a soup kitchen for the kids.

The A-HA center started in May 2009, and currently services 75 school children from grade 1 to 3rd year high school, teaching subjects from English, Math, Science to Art and Computer classes. They also have a new nursery playschool. They are in need of old books and toys, the books will help build A-ha!'s library further and the toys are for the community playschool.

Volunteers are welcome as according to their facebook page there isn't any age limit. They've got people as young as 12 and as old as 50 volunteer.

You can get in touch and bring your books at the A-HA Learning Center at 9708 C Pililia St, Rizal Village, Makati. For inquiries, please contact Jaton Zulueta (0918-979-3629) or Aina Valencia at 0917-507-9767 or email ahalearningcenter@gmail.com.