Sunday, October 9, 2011


Almost there.

Would I make it to the strangest due date ever? Maybe? but I'm not counting on it.

My Ob-Gyne wants my baby out much earlier, but I haven't locked any CS dates just yet. There is a question of cost and I mean huge inflation on preggy packages this year, 7 years ago the last time I gave birth it seems birthing costs were much more reasonable. Then there's the question of work and schedules and projects put to a halt. Family coming over, a fussy 7 year-old who doesn't want me away and not at home for very long. So much to juggle... but this belly is soooo heavy, lotsa 3rd trimester pain- baby kicking, back pain, pubic area pain and frequent bathroom breaks. Just getting up from bed is a struggle, an orchestrated act of balance and avoiding any unnecessary cramping.

For my 2nd pregnancy, I have the same wonderful OB and Pedia on board. I'm more comfortable with the idea that the doctors really know my medical history and how I was when I first gave birth. I'm in a far better state compared to my 1st pregnancy- I'm not manas (swelling with edema), overweight and I'm very active even in my 8.5 month state, I can handle 3 flights of stairs, take the MRT and even go up a farm hill (and endure a 16 hour film shoot at work). It ain't no cake, but its better than being dormant on a couch. I have no stretchmarks (only the ones from the previous pregnancy), I have no linea negra or dark spots (seems amazing). My baby's size is apt for his month and he has enough amniotic fluid to swim around. I think I owe this to the core exercises and Pilates regimen I had going before pregnancy and up to my first trimester. To sum it up my pregnancy now was less physically difficult and traumatic.

We're quite excited, I'm having another baby boy! a little brother for my firstborn, another son for a frantic dad- both can't wait to see the new addition to our family.