Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Cows and the Happy Cream Puff surprise!

Its nice to wake up on a sunny morning and find a box filled with little pastry surprises right on your bed. Well Happy Cream Puff who can say no? even on mornings.

It makes it more special when DaddyCow decides to come home just to surprise us with these puffs from his morning meetings. His office is a block away from the Happy Cream Puff shop (that's in Rada Street cor. Dela Rosa, Legaspi Village) right beside a hardware store and across a pizza place.

BabyCow's fave is the Strawberry Puff with candy sprinkles

Look at our bed hair and groggy eyes: antukin pa rin!

These were gone in less than an hour. Hah! and there goes my 2010 diet!