Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank God for Disk Digger: Deleted Photos Recovered in a Cinch

I suffered from an almost irreparable blunder, I deleted all our family Christmas photos, another sting from the tail end of the dreadful year that was 2009.

Well 2010 can be at least forgiving. For a start, I found DiskDigger, a file recovery software. Its one of the best ways to recover deleted files from your computer's hard drive, memory card, usb, SD cards, etc. I guess this explains why repairshops for laptops and cellphones can seemingly unearthed those unflattering photos one has deleted so long ago.

Disk Digger is easy to use. In my case, I deleted a whole folder of JPEG files from my Canon camera (thinking my sister had backed-up all the Christmas vacay photos) I was dead wrong and now really, I've learned a very hard lesson.

Losing those pics really brought my day to a standstill. I was very upset since I decided to put off blogging past the holidays and suddenly now all the photos in the camera were gone- Pffft! I was now left with no holidays to blog about.
Lucky for me, DiskDigger recovered 100% of the photos I needed and surprisingly even more like a set of pics I took a month ago at a party were there.

I guess it helped that I haven't used that particular SD card since I deleted the folder of pics. Making the data still available and those sectors still untouched or filled out with new photo data.

For more of the fabulous file and photo recovery skills of DiskDigger and its creator, please visit

Here's a Step by Step Guide to Using DiskDigger

Well DiskDigger, you have my love!


Alexis said...

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