Thursday, November 15, 2012

Attention Moms: Bad Days Call For Pampering

What do you do after a bad day at home or at work? Have the kids stressed you out with bad behavior to the point of exhaustion? Are you tired from doing housework? Did your boss give you a hard time at work?

Moms should try Yoga too!
You deserve to treat yourself to some relaxing indulgences in order to release some of that pressure that builds up in your life. Your escapes can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but here are a few suggestions for you to try.

Try a new hair style 
You might be surprised at how much a new style of hair can help improve your mood. You'll especially be at ease if your husband or your friends notice and give you compliments on your new appearance. A new look can go beyond the physical realm and provide a woman with a revitalizing vigor that she desperately needs.

Have someone watch the kids
You don't have to go out on a date to get some peace and quiet. Sitting by yourself in your relaxing home can be a relief in so many ways. You could watch a television show you've been meaning to see, or you could make yourself something delicious to eat just for you. Your house could be a temple of solitude for just a little while, and it will help a lot.

Buy a new, comfortable outfit
Comfortable dress is just as important to feeling good as it is to looking good. The mindset of a relaxed person helps them to unwind from a strenuous day and feel new again. Lounging clothes have a mystique about them that forces your body to take it easy. Wearing comfortable clothing is a psychological treat that all women need to experience from time to time.

Play some calming music
You know that type of music that just eases your mind like nothing else. Pleasing to the ears and the soul alike, a soothing group of songs restores your sense of well-being as quickly as anything else you could ever treat yourself to. Pick songs that help you remember less hectic times in your life. Maybe some songs from your childhood or from a great memory you made with your friends would help the most. So put on a facial mask, plug in your headphones and relax.

Use your favorite perfume
You know that special perfume that you only use on special occasions? Take the cap off and unleash those amazing smells. Powerful smells evoke incredible responses from our bodies. You'll associate those smells with fun times and an easier life. You'll think of dates, nice dinners, and charming personalities. Relaxing with good smells always helps.


Melisa Cammack is a freelance writer, mother of three (sometimes, it feels more like fifteen) young men, wife and a makeup enthusiast. She loves writing blogs on parenting, motherhood, beauty products like organic or wholesale cosmetics, traveling and many, many more subjects.