Saturday, November 17, 2012

My 3 Favorite Apps for My Toddler

The invention of Apps has saved us all in a pinch, from getting the latest status update to easily sharing a picture. But no recent technology has had a more profound impact on how my kids learn than the apps on my phone. Of course now that we so heavily rely on them, nothing is worse than needing an app that will keep a kid’s attention and not having one!

I have three children, a nine, seven, and three year old.  My kids have all used my iPhone to get through some long wait times like dinners with adult friends, the car brake shop, or a doctor’s office.  Here are three that have kept my toddler busy and educated when I needed it most.

This is a story telling and reading app.  The premise is that two cartoon mice investigate a story while acting like a computer’s mouse so that they can look up works or facts they do not know.  The dialogue is written in comic book fashion but everything is also narrated between the two mice.  They spell small words which are then emphasized by the pronunciation.  “This is F-U-N fun!”  There are interactive games during the story such as finding animals in a picture.  Great for toddlers on up as the content is robust but the pictures are appealing.

Cookie Doodle
This game takes your child through the activity of making cookies, with everything from adding ingredients to stirring to rolling and baking.  The favorite part for kids comes when they get to pick out a cookie cutter, cut the shapes out, and then decorate them.  They can choose frosting, piping, sprinkles and candies to decorate the cookies.

When finished, a picture of the cookie can be saved in the cookie jar, or it can be turned into a puzzle or virtually eaten.  As you tap the cookie it disappears slowly as though it is being eaten, complete with crumbs!  Toddlers enjoy the process of this game and love to see their product.

Monkey Lunch Box Preschool
This app randomly selects one of 5 games for you in varying sequences, all having a fruit theme.  There is a 4 piece puzzle, a matching game, a beginning letter game, a size game and a counting game.  All are very easy and do not require the correct answer on the first try. A cute Monkey guides you to the correct answer. The matching and the puzzle tend to be the most difficult for the 18 mos to 2 year-olds, but it is exciting to see them begin to be able to do it on their own. After every 4 games they are able to pick a sticker and collect them on their board before they move onto the next game.

These 3 apps should get you through the rough times and expose your child to educational concepts.  What are you go-to apps for your kids?

Kristin Emery is a co-owner of Mommy Relief, which provides in-home childcare for all ages in the DC Metro area.  She also a practicing pediatric physical therapist and mother of three.  When not working, Kristin enjoys home projects, running and spending time on the Northern Neck of Virginia.


Kate said...

We love "More Pizza" and "More Cupcakes" as well as the Team Umizoomi app. Costs more than most but totally worth it for learning math concepts.