Sunday, November 4, 2012

Makeup and Skincare Tips for Moms

Being a Mom, as we all know, is more than a full-time job. Part of that round the clock commitment can mean that certain things, such as our own appearance and skin care regimes suffering. In fact, in the case of the latter, it often becomes non-existent.

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What can you do to ensure that you have time to apply makeup and have a great skin care regime to boost your appearance at all times?

Making Time
The hardest part, and the biggest tip we could ever give, is to actually find or make the time to look after your skin. Whether this means taking a minute to do it while you are showering or bathing, or get yourself out of bed fifteen minutes earlier in the morning, do whatever it takes to fit in a little “me time” for yourself.

Minimalist Makeup
This sounds obvious, too, but it amazes us how many Moms we see sporting elaborate and detailed makeup, which must have taken them some time and probably a fair bit of stress while trying to look after the children at the same time.

Remember your natural beauty and if you are going to wear makeup, go for the minimalist appearance. After all, why take the time to look after your skin and get yourself out of bed a few minutes earlier to use great cleansing products, only to throw on an inch of makeup over the top of it.

For a minimalist look, choose an area to focus on, such as the eyes. Use a mascara or an eye powder, these can be quick and easy, emphasize the eyes, and improve the appearance of your whole face.

Think on Your Feet
Chances are, with the children in tow, you aren’t going to have the time to stop and reapply makeup and other cosmetic products every hour or so when you are walking around the shopping mall.

Therefore, ensure that your bag is stocked with simple, easy to apply products that you can use quickly and then get on with the day. We touched on eye products earlier, and in terms of skin care you could simply add facial wipes, a hairbrush and a hand and nail cream so that you are able to keep up with your skin care regime on the go.

Perhaps the hardest thing to do as a Mom is to avoid the stereotypical “Mom” look, tired, drawn, hair all over the place, and dry, cracked hands. Keep your makeup and skin care regime simple yet effective, and you’ll see how easy it is to avoid all of those issues.