Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Food Safety for Moms: Why Does FDA Approved Food Inks Matter?

Many people are unaware that the Food and Drug Administration also monitors inks. But it’s true. In fact, the FDA conducts many different tests on different types of ink to ensure that they’re safe for the public to consume. Think of stamps on eggs. That ink that was used on the actual egg itself has to be non-toxic and safe for public consumption, otherwise it could be dangerous.

The two issues that arise concerning FDA approved ink are safety and contaminants. Obviously you’re looking for a product that’s the safest as well as the most contaminant-free on the market otherwise consumers could be put at undue risk.

Governmental oversight by the FDA makes certain that in the event that a child licks the ink off the egg that he or she won’t get sick. They do this by utilizing a rigorous testing process that all inks are subjected to. By doing so, the FDA ensures that the inks are free of contaminants and non-toxic to the human body.

Obviously inks do not occur in nature and are the work of human hands. As such, during the manufacturing process of inks it’s easy to see how they could become contaminated and unsafe for public consumption. That’s where the FDA comes in. The cost of contaminated products is astronomical and the FDA can prevent that. Between the initial product launch, recalls because of contamination, press releases and destroying the contaminated product, the cost of contamination can skyrocket. It’s not only in the best interest of the company to keep you safe but it’s also cost-effective to have rigorous safety standards in place.

Food distributors are in business to make money. They do this by selling many of their products to consumers daily. To keep their profit margins high, people have to keep buying their products which have to be safe and contaminant-free. From the stamps on eggs, to meat and dairy products in the store, and even the printing on bread packaging, all of it has to be safe and the FDA ensures that all quality and safety standards are met.


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