Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Blog may have at most 2000 Labels: Ooohlala!

I finally hit a snag with one of my blogs.

"A blog may have at most 2000 labels."

I just encountered this today and I'm really worried. I use as much labels as possible to tag my posts and photos.

Its causing quite a riot at the Google Forums now. Well, not really. Not everyone in the blogosphere seems to be affected by it. No mass hysteria as of today.

As EvilEric points out:
Blogger should find a way to eliminate labels from posts over a year old, or just manage labels en-mass.

Also, 5K post limit in dashboard is silly, there is no good reason for this, go change the max value constant and let me get on with my blogging, please and thank you :D

The Official reply from Blogger:

Hey folks,

Thanks for all the feedback. We're taking a look through these threads and are currently investigating the best solution here. I'll make sure to update the group with news from our end. Thanks.

The Blogger Team

I hope they are able to resolve this soon. I am in no mood to start migrating to WP or adapting to WP soon. I simply do not have the time for it. And really, no offense to the WP kids, but I love blogger!


Oh just to update, as of today Oct 28 2009, the label limit has been lifted up to 5k. Yay! All hail Gatsby :)

Hey everyone,

After listening to the feedback left in this thread and in other places, we've decided after some discussion to go ahead and increase the per-blog label limit to 5000 labels. This change, as some have already pointed out, is now live on all of your blogs :-)

Please plan your labeling accordingly moving forward, as performance issues will prevent us from increasing the limit again down the line. Thanks for your patience as we sorted this out and found the best balance here. The per-post limit still remains at 20.


The Blogger Team