Friday, October 2, 2009

From Manila to Uniquely Singapore!

My first visit to Singapore happened two years ago, and the experience of this very urban and cosmo city has never left me. There is so much to see in Singapore that I find it really difficult to fit everything in a day's itinerary. I would love to take my son or my Mom this time to see the sights of Singapore, its definitely worth an exciting trip back!

Morning Itinerary
For breakfast, one should not skip on the Roti Prata (Indian Bread)like having good old pancakes in the morning plus Teh Tarik served hot. You can also opt for a cold one. I love Teh Tarik (pulled tea) besides being a sweet indulgence of black tea and condensed milk, just watching how its being made and poured around from cup to cup makes it all the more rich.

After that satisfying meal, its off to an early shopping start. Singapore is an easy city to navigate, it has a very efficient transport system. One can go about the city on the double decker buses, trams, trains or taxis.

For R&R, my places of interests would be the mile-long Orchard Road and the charming, trading hub of Little India.

I would love to visit the IKEA store at the Tampines too and the hipster enclave called the Holland Village, I am definitely targeting the Beads@Work shop for its DIY offerings and perhaps a session of corrective exercises and power yoga for my back at Beam Me Up Sporty.

The museums of course are a must see for me, as I adore collectibles and everything geeky - the Red Dot Design Centre, Singapore Discovery Center, and the MINT museum of Toys.

One must also try conversing with the local cab drivers, the small talk often leads to good bargain places and travel tips. It is also refreshing to meet a friendly local talking about their country and how safe it is to go around with no worries.

Lunch in Singapore is a gastronomique experience to be savored, you can go gourmet, vegan or eat where the locals do at the busy and festive hawker centres. Yummy!

Afternoon Itinerary
Sentosa is a small lush getaway from the city one should have time to seek out. If I could I would spend one whole travel day there just sharing the zen with the jellyfishes. I would even take it up a notch by Sky dining out in a cable car back into city.

I would love to spend the evening at the Esplanade (The Theatre on the Bay), just making time to watch a symphony or a play is something I missed out on my first Singapore trip, because most of my travel day is spent shopping or playing 'busy tourist'.

Me jumping like crazy on the hotel bed!
Never felt this happy to be in a foreign city

One should simply be prepared to "Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience"