Friday, October 30, 2009

The Royal Selangor Pewter Center at Clarke Quay Singapore

We started off our morning at the Royal Selangor Pewter Center, the world's largest pewter company. It's situated right beside the river in Clarke Quay

Royal Selangor has a Pewter Gallery and Tour that showcases the heritage and craftmanship of Pewter since the founding of the Royal Selangor company in 1885.

Pewter is a very malleable alloy that dates back from the middle ages. It is made from a mix of tin, copper and antimony. Singapore Pewter that is.

In the old days, Pewter had parts culled from lead. And guys like Shakespeare probably drank from Pewter cups everyday. 

Pewter can easily be crafted into a number of useful things like dinner wares, plates, pitchers, candlesticks, tiles, weaponry, decorative pieces and tools.

Interestingly in the Pewtersmithing demonstration you will get to meet a very old pewter artisan who creates ornate patterns on pewter casings with his wooden and metal tools. He will also demonstrate his techniques as you take pictures up close. The tour guides will also show you raw pewter shavings, liquid pewter heated at its melting point then poured into molds.

The Retail floor offers silverware and award winning designs of
intricate and handcrafted pewter wares

They also have jewelry pieces made from pewter. You may choose pendants like the quaint money tree leaf design and other pewter charms as souvenirs for loved ones.


You may also just chill and relax at the Coffee and snack bar in the Gallery's premises.

Outside the Royal Selangor Gallery are the malls, the river and the rest of Clarke Quay.

But what I enjoyed most about my visit to Royal Selangor was my apprenticeship at the School of Hard Knocks!