Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Family that Shop Lifts Together

A Family that Shop Lifts Together... will sooo land in jail.

Mommy naman idinamay mo pa mga anak mo? (Mommy why drag your kids into theft?)

Years ago, there was this pregnant woman who shoplifted a large can of milk, her infant was starving. Mommy had gone criminal for her kid. She was arrested and thrown into jail with her baby. The next day a politician bailed her out and bought the milk for her. This was in the tabloids. This was sad and wrong yet somehow we find it in our hearts to understand the mom's predicament. 

In this case, however, Mom and Pops are going high-end, thievery hits the designer stores. Read the original post and photo owner Mr. John - here at the Fatlace website

Sorry I had to post this, I really found it disturbing.