Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Singapore Flyer: A Riveting 360 Degree View of the Lion City

After sorting through 3gigs worth of photos, I'm finally getting around to blogging about my Nuffnang Singapore trip in detail. So here's to more Merlion madness!

Our next stop right after all that pummeling at the School of Hard Knocks is the 540-feet high Singapore Flyer at the Marina Bay.

The Flyer has 28 capsules that can accomodate up to 28 riders.

The Surprise at the End of the Queue:
Ming explains that this guy at the Singapore flyer entrance handing out the in-flight compass to tourists is a famous Singaporean actor. Impressive. Singaporean actors have day jobs. Wow, imagine if Dingdong Dantes had a real job for once.

The In-flight compass comes with a map of the city with designated numbers for landmarks and legends. Press the number you like and you can start listening to audio clips about these places which includes historical facts, shopping guides and some trivia.

Up we go
I am terribly afraid of heights, but my fear is not irrational enough,  I am simply uncomfortable being at high places that require you to jump, dive or just freefall willingly with the G-forces. As long as I'm secured by a safety belt, net, harness or plexiglass- I have no trouble being that high up from the ground.

The Singapore Flyer felt like a slow elevator ride without the dreadful elevator music. Its even better since you could hardly feel the movement in the capsule.


Jenny Jo getting some mixed signals

Yoshke the mahinhin and his in-flight compass

The View 

The SG Formula One track for the big boys spinning around in pricey go karts.

For $30 SG dollars, you can relax inside the world's largest observation wheel and watch the whole city of Singapore unravel.

Watch riverboats cut through the water.


The Singapore Flyer is a great place to chill and shoot with a telephoto lens.

All hail the giant tsubibo!

"The wheel that squeaks the loudest
is the one that gets the grease."
- Henry Wheeler Shaw