Sunday, November 8, 2009

Years of Handmade Halloween Costumes

My sister Jenny and I grew up sewing our own clothes. Our dad taught us how to sew from making patterns to working a three-thread edging machine. Between the two of us, my sister is the better seamstress and designer. 

She can guestimate a person's measurements with one look and her garments are often well-finished, no raw edges and evenly stitched. I envy her really. I can't even do an invisible zipper technique without the needle running over my finger. Ouch!

One thing Jenny enjoys most is playing dress up with her daughter.

She makes her daughter's costumes for birthdays and holidays such as Halloween and Easter.

The Davao Pep Squad

Going with Mommy to the Office

Severina Snape at Hogwarts

A Bunny Costume for a Little Miss Beauty Pageant

A PrepSchool Uniform outfit

Last Halloween, Sasha won a prize at the SM Mall in Davao for her SailorMoon costume

This one's my favorite!


Anonymous said...

cute! love the nurse costume!

Jesse Herrera said...

Hi Mommy Cow!

May I please have your email address or cellphone number so that we can invite you to an event hosted by Electrolux Philippines?
You were recommended by Abe Olandres and Calvin Lo =)

We couldn't find your contact number on your blog eh =)

Please contact 09052599067 (Kaka Sangco) or me, Jesse Herrera at 09274179311 if you are interested =)or email me at

madhatter said...

Hello Jesse,
Thanks for the invitation! I'll send you an email tomorrow :) cheers!

Anonymous said...

hi mommy czarina....can i ask your contact nos. and email add i'll be inviting you for an can txt me at 09163635501 or email me at tnx po

christina said...

Hi Jesse! Is there an email I can contact you? would like to share some recipes and a gift pack in behalf of Lady's Choice Mayonnaise:) You may contact me at

the costumes look super duper cute!!