Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Scandinavian Christmas: God Jul from Electrolux Philippines

God Jul! That's Merry Christmas in Swedish.

Electrolux, a Scandinavian brand with 90 years of global experience in home appliances has just launched its special series of Split Type Air-conditioners in the Philippines.

Most of us are probably not aware that the global brand Electrolux hails from Sweden. Yeah, Sweden the land of garage punk music, graddost cheese and The Moomins. And I got to experience an early Holiday event at the Electrolux showroom.

A tour of the Electrolux show room kitchen

Event host DJ Mo Twister

A lovely Swede talks about Scandinavian Christmas traditions! Ja!

Mr. JP introduces Electrolux's new range of air conditioners. I so dig the Christmas tree tie, I wonder if it lights up?

Vitamin C Moisture Test: Studies made on the new Vitamin C filter. A special feature of the Electrolux Air-conditioners.

As an effect of the Vitamin C Filter, it restrains the production of Melanin, making your skin look fairer. 

For lunch, we had a taste of Swedish Cuisine: Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage

There's lotsa Salmon in the buffet too

The Lovely Miss Kath from Real Living magazine

Time for games people! No hiding behind the Christmas tree

We got to spruce up this Ginger bread house!

Everything one needs to decorate a Ginger bread house is in a box.

My icing nozzle was clogged and I made a mess of the roof. I call this Hansel & Gretel after a blizzard.

Ginger bread house winners!

Q&A hour on Electrolux innovations

Miss Nikki Ong of the Manila Bulletin asked about the Melanin factor & the Follow-Me technology.

"Electrolux air-conditioners are designed for real consumers' needs and lifestyles." Mr. Terry Sales, Marketing Manager of Electrolux

More surprises

We had the pleasure of meeting a local Jultomten. A Swedish house gnome who brings out the gifts like Santa.

A Toast and more God Jul!


A Christmas Raffle: Mr. Lance receives his prize from Mr. Dexter Ngo, Sales Director of Electrolux Philippines

The Electrolux Air Conditioner with the "Follow Me" technology