Monday, November 23, 2009

Sweet Dreams My Baby: A 3-Step Bedtime Routine by Johnson & Johnson

During the Baby Bedtime Mommy Event by Johnson & Johnson Philippines and Nuffnang Manila, a group of midwives demonstrated to us Mommy bloggers- a positive 3 step bedtime routine for babies.

The key to making this routine work is consistency. The routine is not just for babies though, it works well with toddlers and 5 year-olds too.

Step 1 is giving baby a relaxing warm bath or punas (washing with a towel) or a spongebath. 

Our Ate Midwife is such an expert. I learn a few tricks from her such as how to properly wash the baby's face in a soothing, circular motion instead of just randomly scrubbing the baby's face. The trick is to soothe, not to startle the infant. 

Hey Mommy! brings back all bath time memories, ey?

Happy mommy bloggers : Giggles from the crowd as the doll slips into the bath water

Gently scrub baby's back and apply the Johnson's Bed Time Bath

Towel dry the baby
Place the towel hoodie near your shoulder and gently place the baby's head on it then wrap the rest of the towel around your baby. 

Snug little babies

Step 2 is all about massaging and bonding with baby.

Remember, keep your strokes gentle. Here's a massage pattern you can follow:

• Downward strokes on the legs
• Circular strokes on baby’s tummy
• Outward spiral sweeps on the chest
• Small sweet circles on baby's face and scalp
• Sweeping downward strokes on baby's back, feet and toes

Mama is Working
it! Soft ginger strokes on her baby doll

It's Oh So Quiet for Step 3! Prepare for nap time. Sing your favorite lullaby for the little one or read a bedtime story. Kiss and say goodnight when your baby is still half-awake.  This will help the baby learn to self-soothe.

Mommy Salen keeping it real with the baby powder.

Spotted at the conservatory, Miss Roch in yellow is the only single lady in the house. Mommy Earth in blue gives her lovely daughter a big hug and Mommy Noemi caught on cam gives her hair a quick fix :)

Mrs. Tin-Tin Bersola-Babao has her own website as well called ParenTin.Tv

The first online parenting show in the country.

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